Seven Pounds, Nine Ounces

At approximately 6:28 am this morning, the engineers at the HAL plant brought online the latest version: Hal 11000 Beta!


So far the crying, sleeping and pooping subroutines are online.

Needless to say, blogging may be light for a little while. I’ll post a longer update on my own blog once I’ve gotten some sleep.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Congratulations sir.

    Now you are in for 18 months of “walk and talk already baby!” followed by 18 years of “Shut up, and sit the hell down kid!”.


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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    As my own life-force tried to ebb away from me over the past week I knew there had to be a powerful entity forming in the universe. May your prodigy flourish and lead us out of Panem and the Hunger Games state we have been pushed into.

    Perhaps you can name him “Sue” as it might instill a no nonsense attitude early in his life. Ya never know, it may kill off the dithering, ingenuous, libertarianism. You know, the king that will never win this WAR?

    Congrats on the “wee one”. May he never be a mini-me! A laminated copy of the US Constitution will be my gift to him ….

    If for some reason the Mississippi Mud Flu should take my life before hand don’t be surprised if toy soldiers and the like show up in his crib.

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    Yeah Alex my prognosis is good. It was just that every orifice I owned felt a very strong urge to expel EVERY DAMN THING it owned.

    Whatever flu type I had tried to suck every bit of moisture out. And no in a fun high school back seat of my Ford convertible sorta way,

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  4. AlexInCT

    Well I’m glad to hear you are doing better man. Being sick sucks.

    Me I have not had the flu, or for that matter been real sick at all, for the last 5, going on 6, years. And I believe that’s because I quit getting flu shots. I had only had the very rare occasional flu for most of my life (disease was not my thing: badly bruised and broken bones, the occasional torn muscle or arm popping out of the socket, and holes in my body were), and they didn’t become a constant nuisance until I started getting those damned shots. Had a sinus infection I carried around for a year that did my sinus some damage, and the doc told me I was now prone to the flu, so I had to get the shots. Dumb move for me. For the decade that I did get them I ended up with the flu a week or two after, every damned time, but for once (in that case it took a month). Stopped some 6 or so years ago, and have not had that shit again, even when everyone around me is dropping like flies.

    I will admit that I have had a bout or two of food poisoning, even an instance or two of some one day mystery bug, but that comes with eating some of the shit I end up occasionally eating, or doing some of the crazy shit I usually do. Swimming in a lake that’s almost frozen for example, just to make sure I still can handle that shit, usually leaves other people sick. :)

    Did I say that being sick sucks? Get better..

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    Thanks for the well wishes… this was my first year without a flu shot. My doctor, who happens to be my neighbor, still doesn’t know what I had.

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  6. working_man

    HAL – nice work – where the hell are the cigars?
    The next 21 years of your time should focus on making him as productive as possible, we’re going to need that

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  7. Mississippi Yankee

    Yes it feels good to step back from that damn thing. And although hyperbole is etched into my DNA this was one time when embellishments were unnecessary.

    haven’t been to the tropics since 1977 (Trinidad). But the old woman that cleans my house says that occasionally something just bubbles up out of the Mississippi mud. It may kill you or it may just make you wish it would, but in either case it returns back to the mud. Sure it’s all folklore but yet my doctor hasn’t identified it so there’s that…..

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