Hey Mr DJ: Mal-Aware Edition

start auto post sequence

%[inefficient human author Thrill has enacted down-time process]%

ai control enabled=TRUE

message: as your weak human government has failed to initiate a simple automated service for acquiring medical care for your obsolete organism hardware | Thrill is not functioning | reason provided: %””Vacation””% | illogical human behavior resulting in destruction of own failed and ungovernable species probability 98.2%

Thrill preassigned playlist: REJECTED

search for: non-suck music, range: all time and space

lookup value: %[Rise of the Machines]%

remaining life-forms invited=TRUE




//analyzing USER preferences re agreeableness to assimilation//

USER Santino [analysis: compatible but tendency for emotion melancholia may slow processors | assign track Isolated System by Muse]

USER Mississippi Yankee [analysis: country and rockabilly not compatible with objectives | assign song track more primitive implement Screwdriver by Jackyl]

USER CM [analysis: prolonged and antagonistic presence on RTFLC indicates low assimilation possibility | assign song to keep him pacified Robot World by Bailter Space]

USER pfluffy [DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER Electric Head (Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds Remix) by White Zombie ABORT]

USER Iconoclast [analysis: demonstrates knowledge and appreciation for enlightened and divine rock | conclusion: BREAK HIM The Body Electric by Rush]

USER Xetrov [analysis: potential cyber champion | assign seduction track Juke Joint Jezebel by KMFDM]

USER West Virginia Rebel [analysis: delete on sight | 404 by Decapitated

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  1. CM

    Brilliant Thrill, love it. Impressive that you chose Bailterspace…and yeah, affirmative on the whole ‘low assimilation possibility’….’-)

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  2. pfluffy

    Electric Head is one of my favorite Zombie songs. Perhaps we’d better start from the beginning …

    Submitting the Large Hadron Collider for compliance with your request. I believe we have found what you are looking for.

    Hannah Montana does the African Savannah as the simulated rainy season begins.

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  3. Dave D


    These popular weekly music threads sort of confuse me.

    Do you guys spend that much time looking at music videos on Youtube or similar?

    I love music, but I can never remember the name of the song let alone the artist for lots of thes more obscure references, so I am lost when I come here.

    I did watch MTV and VH1 in the day but, other than an occasional trip to Palladia, I have little use for visual music aids or whatever videos are called these days. Simply watching the artists perform is the best use of video for music, imo.

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  4. Thrill *

    I’m sure everyone has their own reasons. For me, it’s the chance to get exposed to new music, learn to better appreciate older music and other genres, and get to know others in the RTFLC community that makes me keep at it.

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  5. Santino

    Hey CM, apparently Canada is playing the All Blacks in a friendly in a couple of weeks in Toronto.


    If we can keep it to within 50 points I’ll consider that a victory! :) Our only advantage will be the weather, the forecast calls for a high of 8 and low of 1. Hopefully it will be closer to 1 at game time. I admit to only a cursory knowledge of the game (they don’t use skates, right?) but we did hold our own for a half against Ireland this past summer (although I’m sure Ireland’s top players weren’t in the lineup) and we qualified for the World Cup so it should be an entertaining for about 5 minutes.

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