Captain Swenson


The former Army captain who received the Medal of Honor on Tuesday has asked to return to active duty in the Army, a rare move by an officer who has lived to wear the military’s highest award.

Two U.S. officials tell The Associated Press that William D. Swenson has submitted a formal request to the Army and officials are working with him to allow his return.

Swenson was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama in the White House Tuesday afternoon for risking his life to recover bodies and save fellow troops during a lengthy battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border in 2009.

The U.S. officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the request until a decision was made.

Swenson, 34, left the military in February 2011 as a captain, but he could rise to the rank of major once he rejoins. In order to successfully re-up, Swenson will have to pass a physical, a drug test and other routine reviews. But officials Tuesday were optimistic it would all fall into place.

Here is a short video that includes raw footage of Swenson’s heroic retrieval of dead and wounded from an ambush. There’s nothing I can write that will make you admire this man more than seeing what he did and listening to his voice.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    Real heroes do their jobs, without glory or publicity, for the good of all of us. Stay safe, Captain.

    In other news, there was a deal to end the shutdown tonight (apparently everyone with an R after their name will be a RINO now) Cory Booker beat Lonegan in NJ (note to Mr. Lonegan: being nasty only works if your opponent is actually worse than you) and some stenographer (?) apparently tried to interrupt the proceedings on Capitol Hill.

    It’s been a full rich night tonight.

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  2. AlexInCT

    Hal, you aware of how some entities in the military tried to derail this man’s CMOH process because he refused to file a report to cover up for his superiors that had caused the clusterfuck that he saved people at? They almost killed this. It was some persistance from people that didn’t want entrenched bureaucrats to win that finally allowed him to get the award. I wonder if Obama was not happy he had to decorate this guy all things considered.

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