Another story that starts with…

Hold my beer and watch this!:

After 25 beers — maybe more, police say — a Springfield man fired a handgun from a vehicle, trying to hit a snake slithering across the street. Two shots hit the car’s roof, one struck a passenger’s head and a fourth shot actually made it across the street, court documents say.

Although the wound required three stitches, Erin Moad, the passenger, was not seriously injured, according to the documents. Tyler C. Parker, 21, was charged Tuesday with second-degree assault as well as one count of “unlawful use of a loaded firearm by an intoxicated person.”

I am sure the instant reaction from the anti-gun idiots isn’t to punish this guy for being a fucking moron, but deny the rest of us that would never be stupid enough to do something this idiotic with a firearm, our rights to defend ourselves from the tyrannical government these gun grabbers seem to always be enamored off.

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  1. hist_ed

    I’m a drinker. I like beer. Can’t imagine drinking 25 beers. Hell I am not sure I could drink 10 beers. Not a matter of alcohol, just volume. I could drink 10 shots, or glasses of wine or martinis (and really regret it the next day). How fat was the dude?

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