Because this is a lot better than GITMO! and NOT BOOSH!

Boosh was evil for finding the least ugly solution to a horrible problem and giving us GITMO, while Clinton’s rendition policies never caused consternation until they could blame Boosh for them too. So I wonder how soon they will be blaming Boosh for Obama now using NAVY vessels to circumvent the faux-angst the left had about questioning & detaining terrorist prisoners. From the article.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Instead of sending suspected terrorists to Guantanamo Bay or secret CIA “black” sites for interrogation, the Obama administration is questioning terrorists for as long as it takes aboard U.S. naval vessels. And it’s doing it in a way that preserves the government’s ability to ultimately prosecute the suspects in civilian courts. That’s the pattern emerging with the recent capture of Abu Anas al-Libi, one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists, long-sought for his alleged role in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa. He was captured in a raid Saturday and is being held aboard the USS San Antonio, an amphibious warship mainly used to transport troops.

Questioning suspected terrorists aboard U.S. warships in international waters is President Barack Obama’s answer to the Bush administration detention policies that candidate Obama promised to end. The strategy also makes good on Obama’s pledge to prosecute terrorists in U.S. civilian courts, which many Republicans have argued against. But it also raises questions about using “law of war” powers to circumvent the safeguards of the U.S. criminal justice system.

By holding people in secret prisons, known as black sites, the CIA was able to question them over long periods, using the harshest interrogation tactics, without giving them access to lawyers. Obama came to office without a ready replacement for those secret prisons. The concern was that if a terrorist was sent directly to court, the government might never know what intelligence he had. With the black sites closed and Obama refusing to send more people to the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it wasn’t obvious where the U.S. would hold people for interrogation.

And that’s where the warships came in.

Well, I see a silver lining: not everyone is getting drone-striked to death if they are capturing some of them. Of course, one has to wonder how many are being “buried at see” so they can keep the program under wraps. Rush Limbaugh and other enemies of the state better watch it or they could end up feeding the fish…

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Of course, what’s to stop them from doing this to just anybody? Once you’ve decided that a certain class of people have no rights at all based on whatever criteria you come up with, all you need to do is paint anyone you care to with that brush by accusation, pick them up off the street or at home in the middle of the night, and they just disappear. Sort of like what’s been reported for years, but nobody listened.

    Sort of feels like Stalin is running the show these days….

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  2. hist_ed

    I don’t have a problem with detaining Jihadi asswipes on US ships per se, but the hypocrisy is wonderful. How is the brig on a crowded warship more humane than a larger facility on a tropical island? This isn’t really a new story, if memory serves indefinite detentions on warships was reported a few years ago, but as long as it ain’t Bush doing it, it must be ok. Oh and this line “By holding people in secret prisons, known as black sites, the CIA was able to question them over long periods, using the harshest interrogation tactics” is pretty stupid. Waterboarding might be relatively harsh, but it certainly ain’t the “harshest.” Just ask the interrogation subjects of Saddam Hussein or the Palestinians or Castro or (yeah the list goes on and on). Bet the average political prisoner in North Korea would trade an arm to have their routine dialed down to the worst the CIA dished out.

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  3. AlexInCT *

    I don’t have a problem with detaining Jihadi asswipes on US ships per se, but the hypocrisy is wonderful.

    That was my point exactly hist_ed. The left painted itself into a corner during the Boosh years by being absolutely stupid and irrational about the detainment of terror suspects. They may pretend they were concerned with doing things the right way during the Boosh years, but that is pure bullshit. Nothing Boosh did, abso-fucking-lutely nothing, was the right thing. They blamed him for rendition, even though that practice was an invention of the Clinton Administration. They attacked him over GITMO, even though considering all they had was bad options, and GITMO was the least bad of them all, and tried to accuse him of committing war crimes.

    The left actively undermined the GWoT and did their best to cause us to lose, not because they felt it was a bad war, but out of their anger that Boosh had the temerity to prevented Gore and his army of crook lawyers from stealing the 2000 election. Boosh was a democrat light. That compassionate conservatism bullshit was nothing but more big nanny-statism masquerading as something good. And the left’s pretense it was about peace during the whole disgusting attempt to cause us to lose, was just galling. Nobody likes war more than stupid leftists, and their objection to both the war in Afghanistan – which remained the only good war that had to be fought and won until Obama made sure we lost it, at which point they lost interest – and the one in Iraq, was simply because it was not their guy doing it. I am convinced about that from historic facts. Look at Obama and all the “kinetic actions” his administration has been involved in for proof.

    These people now have to hold prisoners on NAVY ships to avoid being called on their galling hypocrisy. And how much you want to bet that this fucking evil administration would not hesitate even for a second to throw NAVY personnel right under the bus, should whatever they ordered come to light and prove to be detrimental to their image of not being as bad, or actually far worse, than Boosh ever was accused of being?

    The scorched earth politicsdemocrats practice should come with a heavy price. It is despicable that our 5th estate media is giving them a pass on this shit as usual. Look at the tone of this lame article that is trying to give them cover. Can you imagine these people reporting news like this with such kid gloves if the guy in the WH had an (R) next to his name?

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