Battlespace preparation for 2014-2016 has started in earnest

There must be an election coming, because the class/race/gender warriors are hard at work fabricating a faux-crisis that will bring out the vote for them. Here is the problem in a gist: The SCOTUS told the DOJ that last June that federal “preclearance” under Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act had outlived its usefulness in states where black and white voter registration and participation rates are roughly equal. No more favoritism. But Obama’s DOJ can’t risk having states decide that they do not want to let the feds make it easy for democrats to rig elections. After all, denying dead people, illegals, criminals, and the people that like to vote multiple times in the same election their rights is something detrimental to the democratic party. So Holder is filing a whole bunch of lawsuits he knows will go nowhere, but will give the left a lot of leverage to pretend that the people fighting the suits are doing so because they are evil racists/sexists/rich overlords. Check this out:

One claim is that North Carolina’s shorter early voting period will have a more pronounced impact on African Americans, who made up 23% of registered voters in North Carolina in 2012 and cast 29% of early ballots. But while the state reduced the number of days for early voting, it maintained the number of total hours for early voting. That change maintains ample time for voters to cast a ballot but reduces the burden on county election officials who have to man early voting sites in the run-up to Election Day.

Nobody can play as dirty as democrats can, but your average serf isn’t even bright enough to catch on to that fact. It’s Alinksy’s rules on steroids. Every time you hear one of these scumbags talking about how evil, racist, greedy, or whatever America is, remember that nobody does as much as they do to create and maintain that illusion.

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