Some Obamacare updates..

When the LA Times has to call you out on a blatant lie, it must suck ass:

California’s health insurance exchange vastly overstated the number of online hits it received Tuesday during the rollout of Obamacare. State officials said the Covered California website got 645,000 hits during the first day of enrollment, far fewer than the 5 million it reported Tuesday. The state exchange had cited the 5 million figure as a sign of strong consumer interest and a major reason people had so much difficulty using its $313-million online enrollment system. Dana Howard, a spokesman for Covered California, said the error was the result of internal miscommunication.

I bet the miscommunication was that they forgot to tell the LA Times not to call them out on their incessant lying. The rest of the article is fluff, to spin the fact that this thing is a disaster in some positive light, and can be ignored. There is a prevalent trend here. Hold on and we will get to it.

As one can find out – in the foreign press, because here in the US the propaganda branch of the DNC is doing its best to spin the story in a positive way – things are looking bleak. Here are some details:

* EXCLUSIVE: Less than 1% of visitors are signing up for Obamacare on state health exchange websites
California’s program registered an estimated 0.58 per cent of website visitors in its first day

* A Connecticut congressman boasted that his state took 167 applications for Obamacare services on day one, a rate of 0.59 per cent

* Obama administration won’t say how many Americans signed up on the central website that covered insurance exchanges for 36 states

* Kentucky’s 5.3 per cent application rate seems to be the nation’s highest

* Other states wouldn’t provide statistics, or tracked only the creation of new online accounts, not numbers of completed applications

My personal favorite, and a quite telling piece of information, was this one:

But without enrollment figures, it’s impossible to know whether Obamacare is seeing a flood of new customers or just a trickle. The White House did not respond to a request for those numbers.

I am gonna bet that they are not holding this back because they think they can then silence the critics by showing some unbelievably high numbers and score a major win. The more likely scenario is that the shit stinks, and they are getting desperate. Maybe the government shutdown was done so the left could distract people from how bad this Obamacare thing really is? It also gives them cover to say shit like this and get away with it.

Don’t worry however. It looks like the donkeys have a solution to mitigate the problems. More free shit that isn’t free at all. And wait until they have all the information on you. That’s when things will get all jiggy.

Of course, anyone that points out what sort of disaster is coming our way is a racist, evil hack.

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