Hey Mr DJ: Childish Things Edition

Something that I noticed recently while going through my music collection was what was absent. Songs, albums, and artists I once enjoyed and simply don’t anymore. Hell, entire genres even.

The biggest gap in my timeline is from 1997 to 2001. Yes, it was filled with Korn, Limpbizkit, and a whole bunch of other rap-rock and nu metal acts I only laugh about now. It’s only been within the past decade that I really started to appreciate a lot of the music that the 70’s had to offer, a time when I was but a tiny Thrill-ling. The time frame that I was a young man? Yeah, I had no taste. Strange how i worked out. God, I even dress better now. Who says growing up is a bad thing?

I’m not sure what brought it home for me. Might have been when Vanilla Ice tried to make his third or fourth comeback. Yes, this actually happened. Either way, I’ve clearly done some growing up and made peace with most of my questionable decisions in a healthy way. Unlike Vanilla Ice.

So let me hear it. What have you outgrown? Does some music just remind you of times you’d prefer to forget or did you just suddenly realize that your parents were right and you were listening to shitty music? Either way, now is the time to follow the example of America’s elites and indulge in some childishness as they bicker and fight over our failing nation by shouting, holding their breath, and name-calling. It’s like controlling it is a toy and they will eventually break it for good.

Aside: I have to say that I did find it a bit macabre how they all came to together in Congress on Thursday to applaud the Capitol Police for shooting an unarmed woman. What the fuck was that? Something about that didn’t sit right with me. They throw words around like “jihad” and then cheer people getting gunned down by their Praetorian Guard. We are not dealing with serious people here.

I’ll save it for another time. This should be a fun thread.

Remember that this is not for guilty pleasures. This is music you don’t like now, but once found at least tolerable.

Santino: All in the Family by Korn and Fred Durst. This is obviously the height of the, uh, low point. I bought this album and listened to it every day at one time. I don’t know why.

InsipiD: Speaking of points, here’s What A Day by Nonpoint. Can’t figure out why I had to have this in my CD player…ever. I guess the lyrics are clever, but what IS this?

Mississippi Yankee: Oh, man. I didn’t realize that this would be painful when I started. Let me just rest for a minute.

Oh. South Texas Death Ride by Union Underground. Ahhhhh, ah, ah!

Digging down deep.

WVR: More of the same. Fatlip by Sum41.

pfluffy: This is one of those weird off things. Like 2006-ish, I really enjoyed this group. Helena by My Chemical Romance. Alright, the video is beautifully choreographed BUT IT IS SO FUCKING EMO! You could paint your fingernails black, grow your bangs down to your nipples, and kill yourself over coffee at an IHOP at 3 AM after reciting Edgar Allen Poe (you know, his more depressing stuff) with some kind of knife from True Blood and it would still be less emo than any 30 seconds of this song.

Hal: Yes, well. This is one of the more mysterious entries. I did have a short rap phase in the late 80’s/very early 90’s, but I’m not ashamed of it. Ice-T and Public Enemy being my predominant choices. Only questions are: who in the hell told Ice T he could sing, and who told me that it was cool when he did metal? There Goes the Neighborhood by Body Count.

Iconoclast: Better late than never. However, you have walked into a trap. That’s right. Green Day. I enjoyed this substantially circa-1994. Humorously, I was completely sick of them by 1999 and when American Idiot was such a big deal, I had no clue why. It was the same old crap, just now they were trying to be a fake political punk band instead of a plain fake punk band. At worst, I will acknowledge that I still like a lot of Nimrod that hasn’t been overplayed to death.

Thank God so few people commented last week. We didn’t make it to the Insane Clown Posse.

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  1. Thrill *

    And yes, I did in fact throw that Green Day rant together on the fly in between the time I responded on the other DJ thread until the thread posted 9 minutes later. This is meaningful to me, damn it.

    Hey, want to see me be uncharacteristically cruel to Santino?

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    “Hello DA, my name is Mississippi Yankee and I once listened to Disco”

    There was a brief, very brief, time I rubbed up against Disco. It may have been the brass, or the boots, and surely the firm little titties but yes Disco had a hold on me.

    It even caused my all time favorite band to go a bit disco-y. When I came to my senses I ran off and joined the circus.

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  3. Santino

    Hey, want to see me be uncharacteristically cruel to Santino?


    “Hello DA, my name is Mississippi Yankee and I once listened to Disco”

    Holy shit, I can’t stop laughing at that!!!!

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  4. Santino

    Way back when, I think I was in grade 2, my cousin gave me the album “Love Gun” by Kiss. I fell in love with it, so much so that I persuaded four of my classmates to join me in an air guitar band (of course I was Paul Stanley), and my teacher somehow allowed us to do a performance in front of the school at an assembly (at a Catholic school no less). I think Kiss is about at a level of grade 2 rock.

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  5. Thrill *

    I’m stunned by the disco revelation too. Never know what’s going to happen around here. Truthfully, I’d like to hear more about MY’s disco phase. When I play disco, it’s just a guilty pleasure. I was too young to boogie.

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    Thrill, there really was no “disco phase per se. It all came down to SHE told me it was all rock-n-roll and I told her I wouldn’t cum in her mouth…. we haven’t spoken in 40 years.

    Many righteous rockers fell into that lie… the rock-n-roll one I mean. Everyone swallowed after disco

    This one was so bad they had to go to Britain to sing it


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  7. AlexInCT

    Funny thing is that I still like today what I like then. Sure I may not play it as often as I used to, but I am hard pressed to find anything I liked back then and today find myself asking WTF I was thinking about when I was listening to that back when.

    I will admit like MY that I did the disco thing. It was the fad of the time and you did it for the ladies. They really were into it. Don’t regret it though, as it worked like a charm. Don’t find myself listening to much of it by choice, but I don’t find myself crunching whenever some old tune happens to be playing.

    What I do have is some old timers that I find myself wishing were still doing music today, as a lot of the stuff out today is pure crap. Don’t get me wrong: there is some real good new stuff out there, but the bulk of it is shit. Come to think of it, I felt the same way 30 or even 40 years ago too.

    Just to bring back the memories…


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  8. Mississippi Yankee

    pfluffy, that’s exactly what I meant. Big bands, big flash, more brass than a John Philip Sousa parade. Oh and “hot pants”, tiny little velvet hot pants barely covering tight round little booty /sigh/

    This was the scene in every night spot along the North East corridor. Revere Beach MA, Salisbury Beach MA, Hampton Beach NH, Portsmouth NH and Kittery ME. during the very early 70’s

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  9. Thrill *

    Aw, WVR may have just won the week with Steal Away.

    As for Sugar Ray, CM, that is one band I never cared for. Never got into them. However, I see now that a lot of the stuff I was listening to was much worse.

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  10. Iconoclast

    If anyone here likes that song, you have my sympathy. It’s a three-chord-sludge ditty about sex, about as deep as your average schoolyard puddle.

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  11. pfluffy

    “Man, the 70′s were an EXTREMELY hit or miss decade.”

    Yep, the same decade that birthed Nick Cave birthed this crap. It will make you want to hurt someone. I had the t-shirt in Jr. High.

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  12. pfluffy

    Thrill, I don’t have quite as much disdain for numetal as you do. Dave had me listening to Limp Bizkit when we started dating and I do hang my head in some shame for that. Korn had a couple of tunes that I liked, and a lot I didn’t. And, as you know from Facebook, I have a Nickelback guilty pleasure, but you specifically noted that this wasn’t about those (thankfully).

    I will admit to this one though. Embarrassing.

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  13. Santino

    She’s Gone – Hall & Oates

    You hit a nerve there WVR, I still enjoy Hall and Oates. They were also my first concert!

    For pfluffy, my tolerance (okay at one point I really enjoyed them, so sue me!) for Nickelback has long passed.

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  14. Thrill *

    My Sharona:

    I haven’t been able to hear that song the same way since I heard it was originally supposed to be used during the anal rape scene in Pulp Fiction. Tarantino thought it was a good buttsex song or something.

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  15. pfluffy

    Ha ha ha, Santino. Happily, I have never heard that song. Just for you, my Nickelback guilty pleasure.

    You have to crank it. Seriously, use headphones for the safety of your family.

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