Obamacare’s first day must have been a doozie…

But from this revelation, things must not be looking so good to the people that are telling us this thing is the best thing to come since fire, the wheel, or sliced bread. From the article:

While the Obama administration has touted the opening of the Obamacare exchanges as a win for Americans, it is not be releasing any data on the number of people who successfully enrolled Tuesday.

“We’re not releasing that information yet,” Marilyn Tavenner, the administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, told reporters when pressed for information about the number of people who enrolled in the Obamacare exchanges on a Tuesday conference call.

“We will be releasing enrollment statistics regularly, but we can confirm that people have enrolled both through the state marketplace and the federally-facilitated marketplace,” Tavenner said.

Asked why the government is not releasing information on how many people enrolled Tuesday, Julie Bataille, the director of CMS’ office of communications, said that the data is still being processed.

“I would just point to historical experience getting data and what we have seen with other implementation efforts over time,” Bataille said. “And what we know that it takes some time to pull accurate data and information together so we will be able to do that for you as soon as we can and we’ll make sure we let you know what that schedule will be.”

You think that if the numbers were anything but abysmal, that they wouldn’t be doing a dance and trying t spin this as a positive instead of saying they needed time to count the numbers? How long can it take to count to zero or numbers that don’t even come out to statistical margins of error? Heh.

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