Obama explains Obamacare and MSNBC shos us how it works

Check this video from Conan’s show out and see Obama explain how Obamacare will save us all.

Then check this video where an MSNBC employee tries – note that distinction – to sign up in Maryland.

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  1. AlexInCT *

    I’ve been tinkering with post on the number of lies told in the pursuit of Obamacare. It really is stunning..

    It’s not really lies if you say it often enough and with conviction. Then it is the troofth!

    BTW, forget all the lies about Obamacare, Hal. The people that want single payer and know that’s what Obamacare is supposed to get them, don’t care much about the lies they need to tell to get there. It’s win at all cost, like it has been with most of their policies for the last few decades. And when we find out they are terrible policies, they accuse us of being motivated by their own reasons.

    What we need to do is remind people how many shady backroom deals, done to buy votes from democrats, mind you, had to be made. Deals costing us tax payers billions. And that was just to get enough of them to risk political suicide and go along and pass this giant pile of shit. I think most people have forgotten about some of the big donkey proponents of Obamacare that got sweetheart deals or the ones in hiding these days that do not want the people back home to remember they sold them out.

    Contrary to the lies from the progs and Obama, Obamacare was not passed with popular support. The campaign of lies, schemes and scams, shady backroom deals, and media lies to help make this garbage deal look like it wasn’t a horrible thing for this country and practically everyone, is absolutely breath taking when you just look at it. Again: Obamacare’s main purpose is to destroy healthcare as we know it in this country. Team Blue thinks they are so close to getting that, and that they will keep getting cover for that from the LSM, that they are willing to risk their careers on it.

    I want real healthcare reform. Get us real healthcare insurance, and in a concession to the left, let the state run it. Create a coverage plan that bails out all qualifying citizens if they get socked by medical costs that would cripple them financially, and let the other services be sold separately by a market across states based on consumer preferences. Costs will come down and people will no longer fear being left destitute or lacking care. Of course, this is not the thing that the progs want, as their endgame has always been about control of the decisions, the money, and people’s lives. Fuck them all for that.

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