Bursting Blood Vessels On The House Floor

Such much drama, such much high intrigue, the histrionics, the chest thumping and desk pounding, this is theater in a grand scale, but must they be so loud?

Hey Alex, one of your states finest decided to grab the spotlight and launch into a well orchestrated tirade;

All that spittle flying/finger pointing/fist pumping, bravo, you sure showed them. See, this is the kind of laser like focus and might that, by sure will, determination, and passion oblige Congress to come to their senses and put the people first. ya, right. More superfluous flumery from the nations leaders.

It is times like these that I wish a reincarnation of Major General Robert Ross, burn it all to the ground, i’m sick of all of them.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Which idiot was that Bloomberg? Or was it one of the congress critters that win with 99.7% of the vote in their People’s republic districts that have the big urban cities? That looks like that douchebag Larson. Yeah, that’s him acting the buffoon.. Here in his district they love it when he goes all preachy and stupid on them. I guess it wasn’t our lucky day and he didn’t have a heart attack or stroke.

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