Socialist paradises always suck

It bears repeating that every damned time the charismatic crooks promised a socialist paradise, for the people, by the people, and against the greedy and evil profit making capitalists, the story has ended just like this:

September 17, 2013: In Venezuela annual inflation hit 45 percent, the highest it has been in five years. This sort of thing is making the country increasingly unstable. Venezuela is supposed to be a socialist paradise by now. But like every other attempt at this use of centralized economic planning and control it has only resulted in more poverty and growing shortages of basics. Some newspapers have had to stop publishing, or go with much smaller papers, because of a widespread shortage of newsprint. Some states in Venezuela are introducing rationing and more aggressively going after hoarders (and blaming the shortages on them although, if you do the math, hording is obviously a result of the shortages not the cause.) Unemployment is climbing because the attempts at centralized economic control make it very difficult to run a business and create new jobs. Businessmen and entrepreneurs continue to flee the country, many going to neighboring Colombia where the economy is booming. About a third of Venezuelans still believes in the Chavez dream of a socialist paradise and blame the continuing failure of the plan on internal enemies and plots by the United States. But as the economic problems get worse and neighboring nations (like Colombia and Brazil) prosper under free market policies, more and more Venezuelans reluctantly change their minds. The hard core Chavez followers are another matter and they are arming themselves to defend the Chavez ideology with force if need be.

The answer of statist fucks that have destroyed an economy with pie-in-the-sky idiotic wealth redistribution schemes is never to admit they are wrong and give up, but to dig in and hold onto their advantages, no matter how much blood needs to be shed, for as long as they can. Of course, they never see this as being far worse than the evil profit making entities they demonized to justify their rape of the people in the first place, but that’s neither here nor there when you get to chatting with these morons.

Our statists here in the US aren’t as violent as those in Venezuela but they are just as, if not more craven and protective of their power and benefits. These people are not doing what they do for the little people, despite their assertion to the contrary, but in it to uproot the status quo and line their own pockets. I am always left wondering if their supporters are just too dumb to grasp that or know full well that’s the case but don’t care about the consequences because for them it is also about dragging down the others.

I feel pitty for the Venezuelans. In the end this experiment with collectivism will do their country no good and will set them back. The obvious lesson however is that collectivism isn’t the answer to any problem. and that’s for sure.

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