One of these is not the same…

There was that Sesame Street game when I was a wee lad in the days of the dinosaurs, where the protagonists always sang that song about one of the items not being the same or not belonging, and in this case of the recent Time Magazine release, I think the same applies.

One of these doesn't belong

One of these doesn’t belong


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  1. AlexInCT *

    Hal, I know that this practice is standard, but come on, you really think that in this case there wasn’t something else at work, first and foremost? Agreed that Time is a rag, but shit, if they all end up going the way of the Dodo were are we going to get our jollies from?

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  2. Section8

    I’m surprised it’s not a picture of Bush with the caption of Did the policies of Bush force Obama to start arming terrorists?

    So now Obama waives the restrictions on arming known terrorists. You know, back in the day with Lee there was at least enough integrity to call Bush out on less shit than this, and leftists from all around would put in their two cents. Too bad there is no integrity when it comes to the left side of the aisle. All crickets now. Oh yeah, some are outraged in their own silent way, or will just say *yawn* because right and wrong was never an issue, only who is in charge matters. No different with our propaganda industry.

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