When an old KGB goon exposes the shit the KGB inspired American left believes..

You can basically say that you are dealing with an epic beat down. Worse still, when that beat down exposes a community organizer, in way over his head, playing at being president, it gets pathetically ugly. And Vladimir Putin, old KGB boss that he is, just finished schooling the American left, and giving Obama an epic shoe to the nuts, when he used their own bullshit to kneecap their sorry asses. Of course old Vlad would know this shit like the back of his hand. The shit the American left spouts is straight out of the KGB training manual and part & parcel of the lingo used by all the worshippers of the almighty collectivist state. From the Spectator article:

There is an unspoken sub-text at play here: what President Putin said in his column is pretty much what American liberals and leftists have been saying about the United States since the 1960s. From the standpoint of American liberals, there is nothing the least bit new or controversial in anything Mr. Putin wrote in his column. He is merely hoisting President Obama and his liberal friends by their own ideological petard.

Putin made three general points:

First, it is contrary to international law for a member of the United Nations to attack another country without approval from the U.N. Security Council. A U.S. attack on Syria, he writes, would undermine the legitimacy of the United Nations and encourage other countries to resort to armed force to settle international differences. As he writes, “Under current international law, force is permitted only in self-defense or by the decision of the Security Council. Anything else is unacceptable under the United Nations Charter and would constitute an act of aggression.”

Second, the major powers should avoid armed intervention into internal conflicts and civil wars in other countries. Such interventions are likewise illegitimate under international law. They are also ineffective and typically result only in an escalation in the level of violence.

Third, the United States is not an “exceptional” nation, or no more exceptional than any other nation is, and this belief promotes a sense that the United States is not bound by conventional rule of international conduct. Since Americans believe they are exceptional, he suggests, they believe they can make their own rules. As he writes, “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

Where have we heard Mr. Putin’s principles before? They are in fact basic articles of faith among American liberals who have been saying for decades that the U.S. should not use military force without United Nations authorization, we should not intervene in civil wars abroad, and the idea of American exceptionalism is a myth used to cover up crimes against women and minorities at home and the poor and oppressed abroad.

Barack Obama at one time or another has expressed support for all three of Mr. Putin’s principles. During the 2008 presidential campaign, he said that the intervention in Iraq was illegal because it was not authorized by the United Nations. In 2009, when asked about American exceptionalism, President Obama said, “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” In other words, we are all exceptional alike, just as Mr. Putin said.

If America and Americans were not et again getting fucked over by leftists and their stupidity, this whole thing would be comical. Being force fed the shit sandwich you have been telling everyone else to gobble up right before being sent to your room, is just priceless. Putin’s move was genius. He took the same shit these pseudo-marxist-nanny stater scumbags that are pile driving America into the shit have been spouting for decades, and used it to expose their hypocritical bullshit. That’s precisely why the WH had to dismiss the whole thing so fast and hope the LSM would help them bury the story.

Look, I have very little love for Putin. The guy is a scumbag. But he is dead to rights doing what he did to these idiots. It is fucking amateur hour in Washington D.C. It has been amateur hour for 5 years now. These scumbags lied their way into power, pretending they would do better. They made their predecessor, whom was not even close to the monster they made him out to be, and at best was a milder version of the usual nanny state loving politician without the right political branding, look inept and evil at the same time. Then they take over and they actually do the very things they made stories up about him doing. They are setting up the police state they pretend the other guy was doing, for real. They have turned us from a country of laws to one where there are different rules for them and for the rest of us. And the saddest thing of all is how many stupid people think that the government system these leftist idiots love so much, which constantly do dumb shit like this, is better than the alternative.

Putin is right to call out these bumbling idiots. He has done us all a favor. Now lets hope enough people wise up to the fact that the left is all bluster and lots of real stupid. This is Hope & Change, front & center, for us all to see. Obama’s idea of the fundamental change he wanted for America is now there for all to see. Hate to say “I told you so”, but yeah, I told you so. Lets hope we can walk back the damage these clowns have done. If we don’t the world is not going to be a better place: its going to be a much uglier one.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Then again, the UN doesn’t have any actual authority over anybody, much less the US. Makes you wonder exactly what our sock-puppet president’s handlers think about imposing UN treaties about gun control, etc that are in direct conflict with the constitution.

    Putin’s move was masterful, but even he surely realizes that if wasn’t an ineffective bunch of pseudo-intellectuals running around the WH, we’d pretty much tell the UN to fuck off while we did whatever the hell we wanted to do.

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  2. salinger

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  3. salinger

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  4. AlexInCT *

    We did not drop bombs.


    And instead we are arming the rebels. Not that I have anything against that. We should encourage the Russians to arm Assad’s men. Then tell both sides to escalate the killing. That’s the only win-win for us.

    Congressional approval of military acts was re-set as precedence and it will be expected by future presidents.

    According to whom? Obama still says he can go it alone if he wants to, and I am going to bet money that if he feels it will score him some points, no matter the cost, he will do just that. He doesn’t give a shit what the American people, congress, or for that matter the UN, think.

    And the US may gain a bit of the credibility lost because if Iraq.

    This one made me laugh. Real hard too. Quell naiveté. What people now see is that Obama is a fucking pussy, which he really is. If anything we should be worried about another “Cuban Missile Crisis” like incident, because some foreign power sees the empty suit in the WH for the loser they are, and the dickhead in the WH starting WWIII because of his infantile ego. Kennedy got lucky. This shitbag would fuck it up for sure.

    Oh and as for American Exceptional-ism – no such thing.

    There will definitely be very little of that during the Obama presidency, and likely for a while after….

    Maybe like with Carter we will get someone to come and take over and restore it. I doubt there will ever be another Reagan, but we can for sure now say that no democrat can pull that shit off ever.

    And the point of the post still stands: The left is a bunch of morons that believe in idiotic shit. They got played by the KGB goon, and Obama was exposed, yet again, as an empty suit. Spin it however you want, but this was a loss for the US. If you don’t see that you must be one of the idiots that thinks the US being mediocre or worse is a good thing. And this isn’t over yet. There is a lot of room for this WH to make even bigger fools out of themselves over this whole thing, while escalating the trouble, and they will. I am willing to bet money on that.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    We did not drop bombs.

    You mean like Clinton did in Serbia?

    Congressional approval of military acts was re-set as precedence and it will be expected by future presidents.

    Obungler still claims he has the same right to military action just as he did in Libya. War Powers Act be damned!

    The US populace had a vocal say, and time to debate before another wrong headed military action was taken.

    U S populance perhaps but all of congress is still dithering on the issue. And any “wrong headed military action” would have been ordered by a civilian. Black Jesus himself.

    Syria admitted to having chemical weapons.

    When did they ever deny that fact? Israel has bombed two of their plants in the past decade.

    Russia has basically co-signed on Syria’s promise to join the chemical weapons ban – and in doing so is responsible if they renege.

    And will you be drafting the “strongly worded letter” if something should go awry?

    And the US may gain a bit of the credibility lost because if Iraq.

    Does the lost credibility in Iraq stem from the fact that we planted the seeds for a fledgling, yet still most imperfect, democracy there? As opposed to the entire world laughing at the way this incompetent community organizer and his joke of a Sec of State have handled this fiasco from the very beginning?

    Plus we’ve saved a boatload of money by not getting into another conflict (so far).

    True BUT the smallest estimate I’ve seen calls for 35 to 40,000 “boots on the ground” to collect, transport and destroy all of Assad’s chemical weapons. Or will you be expecting the ex-KBG man, that supplied them, to take responsibility for that too?

    Yep – we really lost a lot on this one.

    Our losses(in everything that matters to a country and it’s people) have been manifest and we aren’t done hemorrhaging yet you clueless collectivist clown.

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  6. AlexInCT *

    BTW, in case anyone has doubts about this, even the left, which is desperately trying to rewrite history to help Obama save face, and failing miserably, now admits that the big winners in this deal are Putin and Assad.

    A deal with Russia on chemical weapons may be a “win” for President Obama but only in the narrowest sense. He managed to avoid a war he desperately did not want. But with the near-obsessive focus on chemical-weapons use, the core issues have been pushed to the side. These were always more or less the same — a regime bent on killing and terrorizing its own people and a brutal civil war spilling over into the rest of the region, fanning sectarian strife and destabilizing Syria’s neighbors.

    Let me start off by pointing out that I had one heck of a laugh at that stupid statement that Obama didn’t want this war. That was bullshit: Obama had a war boner on that would have made GWB jealous. There will be a lot of this shit from the left to make it look like Obama really wanted a solution and that he was all reluctant and shit. Those of us that experienced what really happened know better. This scumbag wanted to bomb Syria, for whatever reason, and he was going to do it without congress, the American people, and even the support of allies or the UN. That was and is the real Obama. He only backed off when he was told it would kill whatever little credibility the donkeys had left, and likely, that it would hurt Hillary, which would make the LSM not feel so compelled to protect his ass anymore. He backed down, and now they are rewriting the history. That’s to protect Black Jesus and Hillary which they hope can be salvaged, despite the blatant display of stupidity. Now for the rest of the stupid.

    For his part, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is effectively being rewarded for the use of chemical weapons, rather than “punished” as originally planned. He has managed to remove the threat of U.S. military action while giving very little up in return. Obscured in the debate of the past few weeks is that chemical weapons were never central to the Syrian regime’s military strategy. It doesn’t need to use chemical weapons. In other words, even if the regime does comply with inspections (which could drag on for months if not years), it will have little import for the broader civil war, which Assad remains intent on winning.

    Meh. We can’t even confirm Assad was behind the attacks, but the left is still carrying water for these morons with war boners in DC. They need people to believe Obama had a legitimate case here. He didn’t, and whatever the reason was for the war boner on the left, it had nothing to do with WMDs, the use of chemical weapons, or even the assertion they wanted to punish Assad for being a bad boy. That’s all bullshit. This WH was going to attack Assad because they needed a distraction or needed to get rid of someone that could cause them trouble about all the scandals they are hiding. Who knows, maybe the strategy as it is playing out is to create as many new “Irans” – like Carter did back in 79 – in the ME as possible. This is after all the guy that wants America to be fundamentally transformed into a mediocre place to assuage his collectivist angst.

    Anyway, these libs get one thing right: Obama lost this exchange. He looks like an idiot. The winners are Puitn and Assad. Anyone pretending otherwise is being disingenuous at best. Calling what is going on amateur hour is an insult to amateurs. No amount of damage control can undo what people saw play out the last few weeks. These credentialed elite fell for their own propaganda about how smart and worldly they were, and they got played like a violin at a concert. That 3 AM call came, and Obama couldn’t even vote present.

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