How are things for us today?

Today, September 11, 2013, marks the 12 anniversary of the sad attacks on our country that started the GWoT. I would like tot ake this opportunity to thank all those that have sacrificed to protect us since then, and leave you with some information on what the left told us was the only just war after the 9-11 attacks, related to our troops. Make of it what you want, but it is not the only bit of contradictory news about our progressive leadership and their agenda to reshape the world, to provide more “social justice”, whatever that may mean, for all.

Anyway, in the age of Obama, “social justice” clealry means that the 1% have never been this well off since the 20s. I am also not surprised to find that the middle class is getting squeezed, while the ranks of the poor grow. Collectivism has, and will always be a two-tier system: the elite masters that control from the top, and the serfs. And the only promise collectivism can keep is that of equal misery for all. But they won’t tell you that. Instead they promise you free shit, that others are supposed to pay for, which then never really gets delivered.

Thank you for that hope and change persident Obama! I am sure that the facts will not disuade the people that still believe the same stupid shit Obama and his team peddle, because after all, they mean well, and they are going to give us all free shit! It’s all desperate times for these people.

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  1. Ed Kline

    However we are today, it wasnt just one president that got us here by any stretch, and also pretty damn classless of you to use a post on 9/11/13 seemingly about 9/11/01 as a setup to segue into your normal ‘ i hate collectivists’ spiel.

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