Austrailians have had enough, and voted that way…

Elections today show that: from the article:

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s conservative opposition swept to power Saturday, ending six years of Labor Party rule and winning over a disenchanted public by promising to end a hated tax on carbon emissions, boost a flagging economy and bring about political stability after years of Labor infighting.

“I know that Labor hearts are heavy across the nation tonight, and as your prime minister and as your parliamentary leader of the great Australian Labor Party, I accept responsibility,” Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said in a speech to supporters, after calling opposition leader Tony Abbott to concede defeat. “I gave it my all, but it was not enough for us to win.”

A victory for the conservative Liberal Party-led coalition comes despite the relative unpopularity of Abbott, a 55-year-old former Roman Catholic seminarian and Rhodes scholar who has struggled to connect with women voters and was once dubbed “unelectable” by opponents and even some supporters.

But voters were largely fed up with Labor and Rudd, after a years-long power struggle between him and his former deputy, Julia Gillard. Gillard, who became the nation’s first female prime minister after ousting Rudd in a party vote in 2010, ended up losing her job to Rudd three years later in a similar internal party coup.

People can only take so much bullshit and ass rape before they decide they need something else. And when the left is in power you can bet there will be a lot more bullshit and ass rape than otherwise, despite the fact that they do a real good job at propagandizing otherwise. Green shit, that carbon tax, and all that anti-brown energy regulation, has cost Austrailians jobs and money, and they have had enough.

Abbott has also promised to repeal a tax on coal and iron ore mining companies, which he blames in part for the downturn in the mining boom. The 30 percent tax on the profits of iron ore and coal miners was designed to cash in on burgeoning profits from a mineral boom fueled by Chinese industrial demand. But the boom was easing before the tax took effect. The tax was initially forecast to earn the government 3 billion Australian dollars ($2.7 billion) in its first year, but collected only AU$126 million after six months.

Faster please! Hoping the same happens in the US and anywhere else sanity can prevail. If an unpopular candidate can sweep the election there, it shows us how fed up people are with the shit the left is doing to us worldwide. Here is too wishing the Aussies a better future. Burn me a shrimp on that barby!

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  1. Hal_10000

    I’d be reluctant to hammer this into an American left-right paradigm. The Australian Liberal party would be well to the left of the Republicans. And this has a lot more to do with internal Labor Party squabbles. Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world right now.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world right now.

    Might be the case, but the Australian voter sure feels they are being punished by that idiotic carbon tax and want it removed. Here is a prediction for ya: as soon as that goes Australia’s economy and employment market will get even stronger.

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  3. CM

    A Kiwi first lady too.
    Labour imploded and lost, and the Coaltion are therefore the Govt. Also, like here, Govts rarely last only one term, or more than two or three. It’s always cyclical.
    Abbot is hilarious…should be high entertainment value. Should be record numbers of Aussies moving here, if the comments I’ve seen today are anything to go by. And not just for the gay marriage.

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  4. grady

    Should be record numbers of Aussies moving here, if the comments I’ve seen today are anything to go by.

    Do people actually ever follow through with this? Celebrities across America stated they would leave after the Bush elections, but never did. More stated their plans to leave if McCain or Romney were elected. I always thought it was emotional BS. Do Aussies actually follow through?

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