Sometimes you just gotta love them Ruskies

And when you hear something like this, you have to love them even more. From the article:

A Greenpeace icebreaker that entered Russia’s Arctic without permission to protest offshore energy exploration is leaving after being threatened with gunfire by that country’s coast guard.

“It was repeated several times in open conversation that they were threatening that if we didn’t leave the Northern Sea Route that they would fire on our ship,” Christy Ferguson, a Canadian crew member on the Arctic Sunrise steaming back to Norwegian waters, said Monday

Music to my ears. About the only thing that would have made me laugh louder was if these Greenpeace terrorists had decided to ignore the Russians and had gotten their ice breaker shot up good, or better yet, sunk. No, I am notwishing they had been killed. But yeah, I wish them all kinds of financial hardship and pain. They are fucking morons.

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  1. AlexInCT *

    I just would have sunk them and written it off in the ship’s log as “target practice on derelict wreck”…


    I am with you on that man. Greenpeace is a bunch of fucking terrorists and we should treat them as such.

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