Most ethical administration “evah” wins in court..

And gets to keep its visitor log hidden for another 12 years from the public. At a time when the WH is mired in so many scandals, this move by our courts is beneficial to Obama whom now can make it harder for people to link his underlings involved in all these scandals to him. I am sure they will claim the reason they have to hide the logs is for national security reasons. Our country truly is a banana republic. Can you imagine the uproar and anger had Boosh done something like this? Seriously, I think Boosh was a mediocre president at best, but compared to Obama he comes of as a fucking genius and morally superior. If I was a liberal I would be crying, but then again, if I was a liberal I would neither have morals or a continence. That’s why none of them feel any shame about this guy being such a scumbag.

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