Recovery? Where?

I doubt that there will be much reporting, based on the information contained in the U.S. Census Bureau News report, where we find out that durable goods orders fell sharply in July. Oh, yeah, and if we do, expect the word “Unexpectedly” to be somehow involved when the sycophants try as hard as they can to put a positive spin on it so they can keep the narrative of the last 5 years that we are in a recovery alive. Unfortunately for the ass-kissers that want to pretend the idiots in this administration have a clue and are doing anything but destroying the economy, as Bloomberg reports that in this article, this drop makes that job nigh impossible. Don’t worry. These morons and their media lackeys will not bat an eye, and keep telling us that we are recovering, or that recovery is just around the corner, despite the mountain of evidence that shows the exact opposite. When you are willing to believe in the bullshit that accompanies such empty slogans as “Hope & Change”, reality will never get in the way of your fantasies. They keep telling us that there will be upward revisions because things have to be getting better.

I call bullshit. Things are bad and they are going to get worse as more of the left’s policies drive things in tha direction. Welcome to European-style stagflation.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    If the past five years have been continually “unexpected”, then we’re run by incompetents without any question.

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