My predictions about Obama’s new plan to fix college costs.

I am going to go out on a limb and point out that just like Obama’s plan to fix healthcare this move is nothing but more of the same stupid. In the end it will do nothing tostop the rising costs tied to a college education, make college even harder to get into for people that do not get special treatment, and even harder for the unqualified poor that get a free pass to finish, reduce the quality of the education they provide by even more than it has already dropped in the past 2 decades, as thinking was substituted with regurgitating the liberal PC mantra, and finally fuck over the poor idiots that hock their financial futures to follow this bullshit.

The left is hard at work putting lipstick on this pig, but the truth is that it is precisely the incestuous relationship that already exists between government an colleges, all the free money without any guarantee that the people racking up the debt get anything of value back. The problem is a simple one, but one no one on the left cares to fix, because it would seriously undermine the agenda.

Colleges are dominated by leftists and leftist ideology. Thinking is out: conforming to the PC shit is the bomb. They crank out oodles of morons that have swallowed the left’s bullshit hook, line, and sinker, primarily in the humanities departments, which also tend to be the college disciplines that provide the worst return for the massive investment. It is no wonder that Obama and the left think the solution is to strengthen this incestuous relationship even more by making tax payers pick up a good chunk of the bill. In the end, you can bet any proposal from a leftist to “fix” college, will do exactly the same as their proposals to “fix” healthcare, mortgage lending, or energy have done: they will destroy the system while making connected leftists super rich.

Want to fix the cost of college and make sure that the degree earned is worth the investment? Hold the colleges accountable for their student’s ability to earn. I guarantee you that when colleges are told charging people $50K a year for a womyn or other such idiotic studies degrees that leave them unqualified to do anything but work service jobs at fast food places, will result in them paying off the loans that this practice dies. Of course, it will kill the massive humanities liberal PC idiot making mill, so there is no way the left will go along with this proposal. Instead we will get the shit Obama is now peddling which will neither hold back cost nor improve the value of the degree students get for the rip off. All we will get is an even larger number of poor idiots that graduate with a frightening debt burden and an even bleaker jobs prospect because our economy is constantly under assault by other liberal pipe dreams like the ACA and the green energy bottomless money pit. And tax payers will be told to fork over more, yet again, so the left can keep changing America into a shithole.

I am so glad my son is doing the military and then a trade school to learn HVAC, electrical or plumbing. He will work and get experience, and then go get a 2 year business degree to help him own his own company. He will make good money, not have to worry about losing his job to outsourcing, and learn something of value while avoiding the liberal indoctrination machine. His plan, not mine for him. Contrast that to some his friends that are asking their parents to fork over $50K a year to go learn poetry some other such bullshit – they are really going to party hard for 4 years, is my guess – and you have got to wonder how so many parents still have not figured out how bad they are being had by these colleges and their partners in government. It’s a scam. My kid might avoid the big bill from a near worthless education, but I am afraid Obama and the other leftists will make him pay twice as much in taxes for doing the smart and right thing. After all, they get to decide who is a winner and who is a loser, and there is no way they will let anyone that doesn’t kiss their ass and worship at the blood covered skull altar of the leftist’s religion succeed.

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