It’s all “unexpectedly happening” or just “faux scandalous”, so look over there!..

At a time when the NSA admits to serious abuse and our illustrious president wants us to believe that this abuse of power>, like so many other scandals and abuses of power from this administration and their cronies are being swept under the rug, that it is all an accident, most people are worried about their economic situation. How’s that recovery we have been told is just around the corner or happening right now, for over 5 years now, working out for ya? Not much recovery of any kind from where I stand, and I am doing real well, all things considered, precisely because I have not fallen for the idiotic propaganda about the donkeys, whose idiotic and destructive barrage of policies and extra-legal actions are nothing but destroy our economy now and for the future, fixing anything.

Just today AP has to report that new home sales have plunged, yet again, and I am sure they want you to believe that it is unexpected. Contrast that with the bullshit from just a couple of months ago, which – I believe – was nothing more than propaganda to help Team Blue look good during some though times. Home sales have been brisk in the Washington D.C. area, and about only there. Can you guess why? Three tries, and the first 2 don’t even count.In my area the same homes that were for sale 1,2, and even as much as 4 years ago, are still for sale, drastically reduced, but not moving. Some have even been demolished! I know of one home in my neighborhood that was purchased about a year ago, and it is now back up for sale. The owner lost their job in our deep blue state of Connecticut. My own home has lost close to 25% of its value from 5 years ago, but I am not hit hard, because I do not owe a bank more than the property is worth, despite some recent fiscal setbacks.

And it doesn’t end with home sales. Gallop reports that unemployment spiked from the fake 7.7% number they had been touting to a more realistic 8.9%, which I still think is low considering it doesn’t count the massive number of part-timers that would want to do full time work and the people that have dropped off the roles and simply do not have any avenue to correct their bad situation, a couple of days ago. Did you hear much about that? No? That’s because the LSM was more interested in deflecting attention from this fact for fear you might figure out they have been blowing smoke up your ass to help protect the donkeys from the economic ruination caused by their stupid policies. America is heading towards a part time employment economy and that’s because, even the lefty media has to admit this now, economic growth is all but non-existent and Obamacare is forcing employers to shed full time workers or risk the collapse of their business venture.

But hey, the problem is the obstructionists that want to kill the pox on our nation, better known as Obamacare, and not the pox itself. Don’t you worry though! Team Blue has a solution; give all the illegals amnesty and boost the rolls of Obamacare enrollees! Yeah, because the problem with Obamacare is that we don’t have enough people looking for freebees instead of enough money to pay for all the freebees. Unfortunately for that hag Sebelius (I call her that because she is a blood sucking monster, not fugly, CM) we find things out like that average healthcare premiums have climbed $2,976 since 2009, despite Obama and the donkeys vowing that wouldn’t happen. But hey, I am the insensitive one for daring to go there. And all this shit comes at a time that people’s average income numbers during this recovery period have dropped by double the number for even a recession!

I am not even going to bother with the details of how disastrous this administration’s foreign policies are. Remember the heady days of Black Jesus and his disciples undoing all the damage done by that Texan cowboy? Well, when you have people pointing out that Obama is worse than Carter, and that abuses of power by Obama and his followers now make what Nixon got kicked out for look tame, or in some cases, that he is the worst president in the history of the united states, one must wonder. This stuff is not baseless. This administration’s policies, domestic or foreign, are inexplicably stupid.

From the idiotic choices about energy to the fiscal policies that involve massive money printing and borrowing to prop up an economy otherwise under assault by other idiotic policies, to the fire raging in the Middle East and the escalation of our military activities, this administration has set new records for insanely stupid. And they are targeting their enemies list, and d don’t care that you know they are doing just that. How low can this moron and his party drag the office of the presidency, huh?

Things are bad, but don’t you worry,that bad Mo-Fo says he still got some game, baby! Hope and Change.. Bleh, this isn’t even funny anymore considering the butt hurt they are causing.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    The hippies have finally gotten their way with a sock-puppet proxy for president, and we now see the result of enacting all the various pipe dreams of east-coast academics that have lived large while demanding the rest of the country do with less and just pay up. This is the government that hippie-era terrorists have always wanted, right down to the placing their own group members in positions of power.

    Appointed “Czars” with deep associations and roots to domestic anti-American terror organizations, self-proclaimed Marxists, and cronies have replaced numerous posts that require congressional approval. Criminal activity is SOP; calling them out on it is met with derision, misdirection, orders to STFU, and levels of intimidation usually reserved for movies.

    Finally, we have Carter levels of multinational utter contempt for our President. Not even Clinton managed to reach this level of being blown off as unimportant by the world in general.

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  2. Miguelito

    Figured I’d mention this here… it does concern raving lunatic liberals…

    So I was actually listening to a bunch of the public comments today at City Hall about the Bob Filner “deal” that was going to be voted on in a closed meeting (there’s that transparency for ya) today. There were some real gems.

    It was interesting to hear several women (most of whom were ex city employees and/or union) actually defending Filner. The best though, was this woman who explained how the entire thing is a hug GOP conspiracy (she also named a lot of other things like businesses and downtown developers, all but calling it a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” without saying it directly). It was the GOP (and others) who planted these women in the mayor’s office. Apparently they also somehow drugged or tricked him into being a boorish jackass that abuses women, and has for decades too… how they pulled that off? I’d love to know. :)

    There were even a few people that couldn’t even speak english (guess what they did speak) that had to have translators. How they’re voting citzens is beyond me. I also liked the one that did speak english, barely, and wanted “due process” (a big key phrase by the lefty supporters) and wanted the council to “honor my boat.” I couldn’t help but laugh that he couldn’t even say the word vote right, but apparently get’s to vote.

    The whole “due process” line is hilarious considering the guy admitted he friggin’ did it. First he “apologized” then admitted he needed help and went into so-called therapy. Which, it seems, he either completely skipped out on anyway and is lying, or only went to about 1/2 of at best.

    Proud of my city today… *sigh*

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Illegals wanting “due process”? How about we ship their ass back across the border if they can’t show proof of citizenship as an example of “due process”

    “where were you born, motherfucker?”

    Do they even understand that a recall isn’t a criminal investigation, indictment or prosecution? It’s “we have an election to toss your ass out of office”, and the entire thing is “due process” from start to finish.

    Oh well, even that crackhead Marion Barry got re-elected. It just shows you that the left has no ethical boundries.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    You’re a stuck record CM, you only have one thing to say. Hell, even a parrot learns more than “polly wants a cracker”

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