Obamacare to implement the biggest weapon our government will use against us

Don’t worry! The fact that the biggest database ever, containing practically anything and everything about every individual, under the guise of doing so to make medical treatment easier and more affordable, will not be security tested until the day before the exchanges go live, isn’t a big deal. At least that’s what this insane HHS report tells us.

Let me tell you something. As someone that does IT work and understands security, Americans should be scared to death about what Obamacare’s data collection laws are implementing. These leftard fuckers have enemy lists and their civil service ideological compatriots have had no compunction abusing their access to this information, or turning the might of their federal agency against those they perceived as enemies, as the various abuses of power that the leftist masters and their media cronies keep telling us are just false scandals, have occurred in the last 5 years, show us.

Obamacare’s data security notwithstanding, the issue is how this system will provide government with everything they would want to know about every person, and make it easy to fuck them over. You have a problem with how much graft the leftist nanny state allows and need urgent medical care immediately? Sorry, the first date you can get that surgery is the day after you die.

Be afraid people. The problem won’t be hackers stealing our information and abusing that: it will be our government abusing that information to keep us serfs in line. They have already done it and think they are going to get away with it. These leftists have no problem justifying this, because to them, the end, and they want us to believe they have an utopian end in mind, justifies the means. The USSR, Communist China, North Korea, Cambodia, Cuba, and countless other such hell holes sending over 100 million people to their death and imprisoning billions, was bad because the wrong masters were in charge and evil capitalism prevented things from going right. Our new nanny state masters however, are the ones that will get it right. Breaking some eggs to make an omelet and all that.

We are so hosed. If I were to believe in religious apocalypse scenarios, I would say this database is that mythical sign all who worship the bible’s revelations would be forced to wear to be able to participate in the anti-Christ’s society. As such, I think we do not need religious overtones to show the massive abuse of power this is sure to result in.

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