Hey Mr DJ: On The Run Edition

Winning the War on Terror? No, not so you’d notice.

Just as Dumbledore was once driven from Hogwarts at the mere mention of Voldemort’s name, the ghost of bin Laden was sufficient to place the US on worldwide alert and close down its embassies. If it were only an over-reaction based on chicken-shittiness, it would be bad enough. Unfortunately, it is probably also an intended distraction from the scandals that are overtaking this Administration, try as it might to escape.

This is a disgraceful time to be an American. We have subjected ourselves to complete surveillance and control by a government that excels at nothing but terrorizing ourselves. As unnerving as this fact is for us, those of you around the world who depend on the United States as a force for stability and peace have been officially placed on notice that we are no longer mentally or morally up to the task. The Post-American Age is upon you.

Good luck!


1. Profiles in Cowardice: Songs about greasing your shorts in the face of danger.

2. Down But Not Out: Sucks when our enemies are pluckier, more determined, and braver than we are no matter how many of them we kill, I know.

3. Superpowers Anonymous: Powerless against Kryptonite car bombs. Where have the heroes gone?

4. Due to security precautions, there is no #4.

5. Partisan Distractions: Pretend you’re an Administration official and play a song that has anything to do with something other than #1 through #4.

Barack’s Boastful Bonus: Choose a song about someone making ludicrous claims which were subsequently proven wrong or simply making ironic statements.

Mississippi Yankee: Too Afraid to Love You by The Black Keys

pfluffy: Easy Way Out by Gotye

Santino: Alive or Dead by Middle Class Rut

Biggie G: Running Scared by Roy Orbison

InsipiD: Bling (Confessions of a King) by The Killers

bgeek: Out Ta Get Me by GNR

WVR: The Frightened City by The Shadows

Surrender, infidels.

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  1. pfluffy

    pfluffy: Easy Way Out by Gotye

    Thanks! I am really staring to like Gotye. One of the few new artists that appeal to me.

    Profiles in cowardice:

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  2. pfluffy

    Oops did STP twice. Heh I got distracted listening to the song (finally got off my lazy ass and got my HDMI sound working so shit sounds good). Was supposed to be:

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  3. pfluffy

    :) thanks Insipid. We are watching all of last year’s BB’s on Netflix to get ready for tonight’s episode. I had forgotten some of the plot points ..

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  4. pfluffy

    Since switching to AT&T U-Verse, I am unable to embed. Period.

    That’s interesting. We have U-verse and I can embed. Maybe location based.

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  5. Iconoclast

    Can you give me a step-by-step breakdown of what you do, pfluffy? Whenever I include embed code, the preview looks fine, but when I submit, the code simply disappears. In the past, I could edit the post and see the embed code, but now, it’s gone even in the edit window.

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  6. stogy

    Interesting selection this week. I’ve been missing these Friday specials as I have been working out in the boonies. I get back well after all the fun is over. Even this week.

    WVR, it’s been a long time since I even thought of the Smiths. I grew up with them, and once even saw them live at Wembley Stadium (funnily enough, they were supporting Bowie). But by then I had completely turned on them when I realised how infernally depressed Morrissey was always making me. But ah… thanks.

    And yeah, completely like Gotye too, recently.

    Here’s my wee late contribution:

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