Hey Mr DJ: Warped Workaholism Edition

Still busy this week, but I can’t quit you guys.

Feel my pain with music about:

1. Overdoing it. Excess. Hubris.

2. Mental fog. Insomnia is a good theme, as is daytime zombie brain. Or just some good mindfuckery.

3. Losing all sense of your priorities

Robitussin Bonus: I managed to catch a head cold last week, somehow. Yes, in July. Still walking around with it. Give me songs about abusing OTC medications, if you know any.

With luck, things will calm down around, oh…mid-October…

Mississippi Yankee: Counts as a bonus only if Sudafed is in the mix…Methamphetamine by Old Crow Medicine Show

Xetrov: Nyquil by Alpha (BONUS!)

InsipiD: Sweating Bullets by Megadeth

WVR: Couple of Days Off by Huey Lewis

CM: I am not to be pitied. This is all self-inflicted, you know…Just by Radiohead

Biggie G: Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer

pfluffy: Your Head is on Fire by Broken Bells

stogy: Gimme Sympathy by Metric

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  1. Thrill *

    You have to remember the BIG FUCKING Q:

    That was actually a hidden Easter egg in the playlist. Great minds think alike, as usual.

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  2. pfluffy

    That was actually a hidden Easter egg in the playlist. Great minds think alike, as usual.

    :^) I figured you would remember it.

    #1 and #3

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  3. pfluffy

    Oh! I need to get this one to Mrs Thrill.

    I remember it from my old clubbing days. I also remember various smells on my skin the next morning, usually cigarette smoke …

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  4. Biggie G


    Thanks for giving me a song that I actually know for once. I am not a hipster. My musical tastes really did end in 1996. If anything they went backwards.

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  5. Thrill *

    I am not a hipster.

    Uh oh. I hope I didn’t cause any trouble between us when I made that wisecrack on an earlier thread. I assure you that I don’t really consider you a hipster. I just play a bit too rough sometimes.

    As for musical tastes, it takes me a long time to get people pegged and consistently choose selections they like. I think I even accidentally get a pretty severe WTF factor out of pfluffy now and then with some selections. Bear with me!

    Let’s go forward. And backward to pre-1996…

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