That was a Freudian slip, baby!

The idiots tat the WaP corrected this already, in this article, but we have a picture of how that headline read before, and I dare asy it was more accurate with what they claim was a typo.



Obamacare will be deadly, and the tards behind it have to go around selling it as otherwise.

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  1. davidst

    Off topic, but I’m wondering what you guys think of this:

    In short, the CEO of Exxon thinks trying to achieve energy independence is crazy. Since oil is finite and irreplaceable (“oil is civilization”), we should be trying to use as much foreign oil as possible at any cost while we can. If you follow, then the green movement has been a blessing in disguise insofar as they have slowed down drilling at home and encouraged conservation (which of course doesn’t actually conserve anything, just lowers the price for everyone else… but they don’t have to know that).

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  2. davidst

    Apologies, that is not the CEO of Exxon, but a VP of Berkshire Hathaway. The article just started with the assertion that the CEO of Exxon agrees.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Basic free market principles state that the cheapest oil is the best oil. So yeah, being “energy independent” is a retarded concept if someone else is willing to sell their oil to you for less than what it cost to tap your own reserves (or even the same cost).

    Also a retarded concept is becoming dependent on a foreign source for a vital commodity – so while being capable of energy independence is critical, actually using up your own resources for no reason is self-defeating in the long run.

    Just look at the majority of the OPEC countries – a few decades after becoming rich on the only commodity they had to sell, most of them are wondering what they are going to do when they don’t have it to sell any longer. Implode in a series of violent revolutions and eventually turn into another cesspool run by various petty tyrant dictators is the obvious answer.

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  4. Dave D

    David: I have always thought that sounds pretty good. Nice thread hijack, btw. I see nothing wrong with buying up all of the foreign oil as long as the price is not too much more. Let them blow their newfound wealth on lending money to us, then when their oil all runs out, we can charge them ridiculous rates to sell back. Yeah, I’m nuts…..

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  5. Hal_10000

    David, I think that’s a good point. Much of the oil in this country is kind of expensive to get out of the ground. It makes sense to buy foreign oil while the price is low and husband ours until the price is higher. One of the big stories of the 21st century is watching the Middle East oiligarchies fall apart as they run out of cheap oil and have to buy it at much higher prices from the West.

    That having been said, I think that market is pretty good at setting the appropriate price points.

    I do agree that energy independence is a bit of a chimera. We don’t talk about “food independence” or “ipod independence” or anything other kind. If it’s cheaper to get something from a foreign country than from our own, that frees up our money to be spent on other things. Importing our lamb from New Zealand, for example, may hurt sheep farmers but it means we all spend a lot less on food (and get some really delicious lamb).

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  6. hist_ed

    You know, they just unearthed an article from a 8th century BC German blog. The writer was arguing that they needed to stop mining bronze* and start importing Persian bronze. You see, supplies were limited and they should use up the cheap Persian bronze so that in the future they would have ample supplies of domestic bronze. Since bronze had been the metal of choice for centuries, husbanding those supplies would be a good idea.

    Interestingly, an English blogger wrote similar things about firewood in the 16th century. The writer was arguing that they needed to pay extra to import foreign firewood to husband the domestic supply. Of course, wood can be grown, but at far slower rates than it was being consumed so of course, they should import all the Norwegian wood (isn’t it good) they could to save the English wood.

    Amazingly enough, another blogger around 1890 talked about coal in the US. Since everything worked on coal, it made sense to stop mining US coal and start importing foreign coal.

    Aren’t we now at the dawn of a new age of cool green energy? We better get that oil our of the ground and sold because Al Gore’s windmills and solar panel and unicorn farts will make oil all useless here any time now.

    * Yes, I know that bronze is a copper alloy. Writing it this way was easier.

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  7. hist_ed

    I think the country is slowly coming around to realizing what a clusterfuck Obamacare is going to be. The unions have woken up. I bet in 2014 there will be a significant number of democratic Congressmen running from Obamacare. Even Obama seems to realize that his magic medical shit isn’t going so well-he delayed a key part (even though he has no power whatsoever to do so).

    The real lefties are digging in, but the swing state pols have to be sweating it now. I bet it will get worse, a lot worse, before Congress starts taking chunks out of it but it will probably happen.

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  8. AlexInCT *

    I think the country is slowly coming around to realizing what a clusterfuck Obamacare is going to be.

    You would be surprised how many people still think this thing is going to not just work, but be a godsend hist_ed. Those people scare the bejesus out of me, because they are so disconnected from reality.

    I bet in 2014 there will be a significant number of democratic Congressmen running from Obamacare.

    They have started running from it already. They fear the 2014 election cycle. Not that they want to stop or prevent it, they just want voters to forget about linking the damage it will do to us to them. All of them otherwise love this pile of shit because nothing will give them more power and ability to control our lives and fuck us over than the stupid coming with the implementation of Obamacare.

    I bet it will get worse, a lot worse, before Congress starts taking chunks out of it but it will probably happen.

    The plan for this thing was always to bring down the existing system in such a way that we would all be forced to accept the government controlled single payer system the democrats hope will leave them in permanent power. Expect anything that gets done to further that end.

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