Bush 41 Shaves Head

Over the last twenty years, I’ve slowly come to realize that George H. W. Bush was a severely under-rated President. He set in motion many of the policies that created the 90’s prosperity, he resisted crony capitalism, he fought an exceptionally well-executed war and he managed foreign policy probably as well as any President in history. He wasn’t perfect but he was pretty damned good.

He also was and is a good man. Dammit, Mr. President. Stop it before you make me smile.

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  1. Nexus

    I remember hearing an interview years ago with a couple of secret service agents who wrote a tell-all book about life inside the white house(can’t remember the name of the book though). They talked about the yelling matches between the Clintons, Nancy Reagan behind the scenes, etc. The one President they didn’t write about was Bush 41. When asked why they said there was nothing to write about because with Bush what you see is what you get. There was no pretense to the man. He is as genuine as they come. Hal is right. We had a far better President in Bush 41 than we realize.

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  2. Dave D

    Has anyone ever read Flyboys by James Bradley? Gave me a whole new perspective on this great man and the cream of greatest generation.

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