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A gradual weening from the “All Zimmerman, all the time” news networks is probably what we all need, here’s hoping that we can do that (ahem, Mr. Attorney General, ignore those fools at the NAACP and just leave it alone). But we got a few more days of material, such as this:

One of the jurors from the George Zimmerman trial has signed on with a literary agent and is planning to write a book, according to Media Bistro.
Juror B37 and her husband signed with Martin Literary Management, though they have no book deal as of now.
The literary agency stated the book will reveal how the jurors arrived at their not guilty verdict.

I get that some people as incensed by this but not me. Jury duty is bad enough, why not allow them to make a few bucks out of the deal? And this assuming that anyone would want to buy such a book in the first place, not me.

This is capitalism at work, someone providing a product that people would (maybe) want to buy. The publishing company is taking a risk with the hopes of a reward down the road, free enterprise.

I remember those two loser O.J. prosecutors, Marsha Clark and Chris Darden, wrote books in an attempt to rehabilitate their careers and explain their bumbling. As far as I’m concerned, anybody involved with anything that is news worthy, as long as national security is not at risk, no waivers or promises of silence was broken, or no criminals profiting from their criminal activity, feel free to jump in the literary pool.

I was going to write a post about those MSNBC idiots and their outlandish pronouncements over there in the land of delusion, the allegations of;

1) That 12 year olds are now afraid to go to sleep and are crawling into their parents beds at night
2) That this is now open season on black youths where anyone can now feel justified in gunning them down
3) That this is just like 9/11

The comedy never ends over there, but this story might have a happy ending, everybody should have the opportunity to make boatloads of money, to be a benefit to society, and think of the tax revenue generated from the profits.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Why don’t we just file this under “can’t fucking take a joke”, and we’ll overlook just how damned racist just about 100% of all Asian cultures are, not just to each other, but to non-Asians as well.

    Want to piss off an Asian? Inform him that for the most part the average non-Asian can’t tell the various ethnic groups apart at all. Be prepared for a pissed-off rant about how they don’t look a thing like each other, and furthermore, they are obviously far superior to other Asians, etc, etc, etc, that you can cut short by asking if they can tell the difference between different European ethnic groups. Since they can’t (all round-eye barbarian bastards look the same), they’ll just give you a look of pure hate. Better yet, just ask their American-born children about their parents – it’s an eye opener.

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  2. Dave D

    I am SOOOOO sick of this trial coverage and the propaganda coming from it. At LEAST 4 black youths were gunned down in Chicago this last weekend. Did anyone hear about it in anything remotely close to this detail? The freakin’ SPORTS talk stations around here are on this 24-7.

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  3. Thrill

    Did anyone hear about it in anything remotely close to this detail?

    You already know why this is. Poor black kids killed by poor black kids with illegal weapons have zero political value to anyone. There’s nothing mysterious about it. It’s all so nakedly cynical.

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