A get out of jail free card

If you are connected and make the right kind of donations. I am not surprised. Corzine will walk for the same reason. These are people that funneled a lot of that money they had to the right democrats, including Black Jesus, so the DOJ is going to not bother with them.

We no longer are a nation of laws I tell you. There is one set of laws so these very people giving their friends a pass can hold our feet to the fire, and another, which involves picking & choosing which one of the laws that apply to the rest of us can be applied to them, for them. I understand money buys you privilege, but donating money to the right politicians, whom always seem to belong to the one party that decries political favoritism by the opposition the loudest and most, shouldn’t buy you that much privilege.

The left has become the movement of the ultra rich and pretends to do it in the name of the poor and downtrodden. What a giant joke.

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