Another episode that makes me lose faith in humanity

I know many people that go through a lot of shit to get their kicks, but this guy, which I should point out I don’t know, seems to set the bar something rediculously high:

A Tulsa man remained jailed Monday on a peeping Tom complaint after authorities discovered him inside a septic tank beneath a women’s bathroom at a Sand Springs water park.

Kenneth Enslow, 52, was arrested Sunday after a woman called police. She had taken her 7-year-old daughter to the bathroom and noticed a man looking up at her from inside the toilet, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Maj. Shannon Clark said.

“He went in there, climbed down in the septic and was looking up at the people utilizing that facility,” Clark said.

Enslow, who was covered in human waste, was helped from the septic tank by members of the Keystone Fire Department, who sprayed him off with a fire hose and then transported to a hospital for evaluation, according to a sheriff’s report.

If you are this desperate to take a peek at poon, you are in serious trouble, IMO. Discuss.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    This exact scenario is reported with some regularity, with documented cases going back well over a century.

    I gave up on the human race when I about 10, so welcome to the club…

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