The Worst Political Ad, Ever?

I don’t know if any of our readers reside in Kentucky, but on the off chance that anyone had even a fleeting moment whereby they considered throwing some duckets Mitch McConnell’s way, disabuse yourself of that notion immediately.

Yes, he has one of the lowest approval ratings in all of Congress, and yes, the old geezer needs to call it quits and leave the head bashing for the youngsters, but seriously, spending money on this drivel is down right criminal.

Alison has so far been pretty pedestrian in her campaign launch (check out her 2 websites, they just scream ,”Sign me up”) but his Democratic opponent is far from decided and since we know nothing about this woman other then she is a far better site to look at, could not whatever funds he has in his war chest be squirreled away for when the fighting counts for real?

Honestly, this is one reason people hate politicians. Ashley, rethink your position.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Other than it’s length (too long) I think it might be the perfect political ad for today’s uninformed voters.

    Look for the clueless to embrace this “new” attack art form.
    Pardon me now while I hang my head and weep…

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