What you are not being told about Obamacare (UPDATED)

Lo and behold, we discover that with the 2014 elections coming up, the people that told us they had won the 2008 elections, in a sweep, and would “Fix” things, are now scrambling to hide the cost and effects of the most important piece of social legislation passed in the last 3 decades. From the article:

I don’t know if Members of Congress will be hearing about it in town hall gatherings and other meetings back home over the Fourth of July recess, but the rolling thunder of the approaching ObamaCare train can be heard in the distance. Smart Democrats are beginning to get frantic about the need to suppress the confusion and hide the cost of ObamaCare between now and the 2014 midterm elections. We are just three months away from the October 1st enrollment start date and so far, nothing about the ObamaCare implementation process should be politically encouraging for Democrats. In fact, the more people learn about ObamaCare, the more frightened they become.

So what we will get for the foreseeable future are the usual suspects in the LSM and the donkeys doing their best to obfuscate and hide the facts that the bill they told us had to be passed for us to find out how much good was in it, will hammer Americans on a scale that’s going to be epic. Off the top of my head I can already point out that the ACA has done nothing to control or lower costs. In fact, my costs have gone up by at least 60% in just the last 2 years, and I have been informed that it is going up even more next year. I was also told I could keep my current coverage and doctor. But I already have been notified by my employer that chances are they will be changing providers and plans in the next year or 2,. And my doctor has told me he is seriously considering pulling out of any and all insurance because the regulation will kill his business otherwise. I am going to end up paying a lot more, getting a lot less, having to wait for it even longer, and the quality will suck. That is, unless as we have seen recently has been done, the IRS goes after people like me for our political views. I guarantee you this is going to happen because the IRS will abuse all the new power it gets because of Obamacare. The career workers there are all scumbag libs.

Back to some more good news from the article about secondary “unforeseen” consequences of Obamacare:

Right now, small businesses across America are making the final determinations on how to reduce the working hours of their employees so fewer employees qualify for the mandated, employer-provided health insurance. Employers are also deciding whether it makes more economic sense to pay a fine to the government or pay for healthcare benefits for their employees. What this means is that hundreds of thousands – and perhaps even millions – of Americans will learn that they are being dismissed from their employer’s healthcare coverage.

It’s not only small businesses. Unless you were one of the lucky connected many that bought exclusions from Obamacare from donkey politicians, even big businesses are looking at ways to cut their employees hours so they can avoid having to comply with the stupid business killing ACA. This pattern is repeated across all businesses that could not buy an ACA exclusion.

And the destructive and horrible employment consequences of the AC are not limited to businesses. Even colleges are playing the game and limiting the hours of as many employees as they can to avoid the pain that the ACA will cause their operating costs. Anyone able to understand that the idiotic cost cutting claims by those selling us ACA wasn’t just limited to how much we would pay directly, in taxes, to keep this monster up & running, but the much broader and damaging employment economic impact?

It gets even worse. People aren’t just going to get fewer hours to work, many are going to lose jobs, and worse, not be able to find new employment because of the ACA. From the article yet again;

The healthcare pink slips will start raining down in late summer and early fall. This will push people into the healthcare exchanges, where, in some cases, people will be writing health insurance checks for the first time. And in many cases, people will be facing increased health insurance costs, particularly if they are young and healthy. The negative effects on personal income and the overall economy will be undeniable. Sometime next year, before the elections, the penalties associated with not having or providing health insurance will begin to pour in. Will the fines come in the mail? Will you be able to appeal? What happens if someone doesn’t pay? No one knows. Or, no one who knows is talking. The consequences of ObamaCare are being hidden.

Say it isn’t so! The left is hiding the enormous damage that the ACA will cause? Who would have thunk that would happen, huh?

And that’s unfortunately not the worst of it all. All this damage to our employment market and the economic impact that will ripple from this happening are just are side effects of the real problems to come. The real damage will be to the healthcare system itself. Anyone that still can’t see that the primary purpose of the ACA is to destroy the American healthcare system is in dire need of some psychiatric help.

As I pointed out when we were debating this disaster, the end goal was never to cut any costs. When you add millions of new people to the burden and demand Cadillac plans that pay for everything, there is no way your costs go down. Even if you set this thing up to transfer the cost to others, and making people that would never buy healthcare when they didn’t need it do, just so you could subsidize this cluster fuck might fool some, but that’s their problem, like they have, it isn’t going to be able to cover the increased usage and costs. Even worse is the realization that this behemoth government takeover was definitely not implemented to fix healthcare either, but to do exactly the opposite: kill it.

Americans would never have gone for the single payer system, but once you have destroyed the healthcare system and government controls most of the pieces left over, there is going to be no other option. Of course, our masters will end up with a two tier system like they have in all the collectivist paradises. There will be the system everyone lauds because all us peasants supposedly get free care, whatever that may be, and the one for our masters.

I no longer doubt the people that tell me Obama’s real job as president was to destroy America as we know it. The guy is succeeding in spades (pardon the use of a expression that some might think implies racist beliefs, but it fits so I am using it despite the risk). If I wasn’t going to have to bend over and grab my ankles I would be laughing at the idiots that thought Obamacare was going to be more free shit for them. Get ready to bleed people.

UPDATED: In a move that is certainly caused because the donkeys are freaking out about the beating they will take in 2014, it looks like the WSJ is now reporting that: “White House delays employer mandate requirement until 2015“. Of course, the foreign press again has the scoop too:

A Treasury Department official who declined to be named confirmed to MailOnline on Tuesday that the Obama administration will not begin enforcing employer mandates in the Obamacare law until 2015 – one year later than originally planned – and pinned that change of direction on a combination of politics and economic realities in the marketplace.

Mark Mazur, the Assistant Treasury Secretary for Tax Policy, announced on the agency’s blog that the administration ‘will provide an additional year before the … mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements begin.’

This thing Obamacare implementation must be an absolute disaster in the make for them to pull this ridiculous stunt this early in the election cycle. These people are despicable. And this shit is unbelievable.

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  1. AlexInCT *

    I predict further delays until the next Administration so it can be someone else’s problem.

    I would not take a bet against you on this prediction, Hal. At this point, this seems like the next step for them. There is nothing that can reverse the damage this will cause short of a repeal of this law, and these people would rather see the country burn than admit they are clueless fucks and their ideology is bankrupt.

    I should mention that one of the things I have heard during discussions on this topic is that, like with the immigration bill, the people that crafted this behemoth law tried real hard to hide the intended and built in disastrous economic and labor consequences, hoping the legal miasma would insulate them from blame once the whole house of cards came crashing down. The ACA legislation was never about healthcare reform. It fixes nothing. It drives costs through the roof by forcing us into one-size-fits-all plans that ladle out special interest benefits at huge costs. And it guarantees by fiat of how it forces the system to react to its rules, that the system will be overwhelmed, in the process drastically dropping access to care and the quality of that care. The end goal has always been to overwhelm and bring the system to its knees, so the progressives could then force the single payer system on us we would never have accepted otherwise.

    The problem is they passed this monstrosity on purely partisan lines, couched in a highly visible campaign of obfuscation, lies, and deception, and nobody doubts that this thing now will cost far more than they bamboozled people into believing and cause wide spread destruction. Worse for them is that they have way too many people on their own side that are going to be screwed so hard by this government takeover of healthcare, that there is no avoiding the fall out. Repeated attempts to shift blame to others, be it the other party or private industry, have now fallen on deaf ears, as people start to see all the promises they were made fall short, and the “unforeseen” (that’s in quotes because anyone that didn’t see these did so by choice) consequences, now no longer able to be hidden, show how this takeover is going to wreak havoc, not just in our healthcare system, but in our economy and employment landscape at large. The bill to destroy healthcare as we know it is going to serve that purpose so well that it is now looking like it will destroy the economy as well.

    I now wonder if they are going to pull back on the second part of the plan to bring the system down, the amnesty bill, or if they are still going to push it through, anyway. It looks like the ACA will achieve the outcome they wanted all by itself. Of course, they have support from the right on the amnesty bill, and they might push that economy killing monster through just so they can have the ability to lay blame at the feet of someone else.

    Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America is going even better than they hoped it ever would. They are destroying everything that made us execeptional as a nation, and doing so in record time.

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  2. Hal_10000

    Wow. Both Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesis are saying the employer mandate should be scrapped. Granted, they’re the only two honest liberals in the shed. But when you’re losing them…

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  3. Section8

    honest liberals

    My girlfriend’s kid was asking for examples of oxymorons the other day. This helps. Thanks.

    I think all this should go in full and as scheduled. No backing out shit. That’s a copout. This was hailed as one of the greatest bills to ever make it to law. People who opposed were racist, paranoid, and just all around horrible human beings. The people of this nation deserve what they asked for, and the democrats should be proud of their mess come next election.

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