Egypt On The Brink. Again.

You wouldn’t know it from much of the American media, but Egypt may be having another new government sooner than expected:

Egypt entered a perilous 48 hours on Monday when the military delivered an ultimatum to the country’s first democratically elected president, hundreds of thousands of protesters renewed calls to oust him from office and the president’s Islamists allies vowed to take to the streets to stop what they called “a military coup.”

In a military communiqué read over state television that echoed the announcement toppling former President Hosni Mubarak two chaotic years ago, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces demanded Monday that President Mohamed Morsi satisfy the public’s demands within two days, or else the generals would impose their own “road map” out of crisis.

But instead of soothing the volatile standoff between Mr. Morsi’s opponents and his supporters, the generals seemed to add to the uncertainty that has paralyzed the state, decimated the economy and brought millions into the streets Sunday demanding the president step down. It was not clear what the military meant when it said Mr. Morsi must satisfy the public’s demands, what it might do if that vague standard was not met and who would be able to unite this badly fractured nation.

Basically, there is a significant fraction of the Egyptian public that is already tired of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, the Brotherhood is still quite powerful, controls the Islamists and is recognized as having won the last election. It’s not clear what would happen if an actual civil war broke out. Obama is mostly staying out, saying he will support Egypt’s elected government. That’s the right move at this stage.

This is going to get worse before it gets better.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Egypt’s government “du jour” will seem like small potatoes compared to the race riots that are fixin’ to occur in South Africa upon ex-terrorist Nelson Mandala’s death. There will be a full court press to wipeout the remnants of the white population there. And I’ll bet Winnie will be right at the forefront too.

    So where’s Ozreo right now? Why yes S. Africa. And when the moment becomes politically expedient the left’s provocateurs in this country will cue the uninformed masses within our inner-cities to join in. The real irony will be when the black go after the hispanics first, yanno for stealing the thunder not to mention their top spot on the minority carousel.

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    No CM, I have friends that have worked there for many years and they say the hand writing has been on the wall for quite some time now. There is a bit of a ‘white exodus’ going on right now.

    Try to remember that this was why Mandela spent 25 years in jail. Even when he was offered pardon after pardon he would no give up on his terroristic beliefs. In his later years he mellowed a bit but his ex wife Winnie still is rallying the uninformed.

    I believe S. Africa will go much the same route of Zimbabwe, only bloodier.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    But Obama and the actual president, Valerie Jarrett, are big fans of the MB. This can’t be allowed to happen – his greatness will be shown to have an actual flaw and his approval levels might get even lower once he’s shown for being an incompetent in ALL aspects of foreign affairs….

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    We’ll see. You can say “I told you so”.

    You try to say it all the time. You’re nearly always wrong since you apparently live in “opposite world” where having your pet theories ripped to shreds on a daily basis means that they were somehow correct.

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  5. CM

    You try to say it all the time. You’re nearly always wrong since you apparently live in “opposite world” where having your pet theories ripped to shreds on a daily basis means that they were somehow correct.

    Like with Somalia right? ;-) And ;-)

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  6. Seattle Outcast

    Like with Somalia right? ;-) And ;-)

    Hey, you’re the one that called Somalia a libertarian paradise and then denied it. Go ahead, revise history some more and feel like Jimmy Carter, the 2nd worst president…

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