Is anyone really surprised by this anymore?

“UNEXPECTEDLY!” There is that word again. We find out that first quarter GDP numbers were again revised downwards, for whatever reason, as has been the case now for going on 5 years. I think the big story here is the fact that Team Blue government types and the LSM, which polls friendly economists to get the result they want, have been telling us for years now things are looking up & getting better, front page news every time, only to later, on some back page, have the numbers revision downward. That things are getting better meme, is just that: a meme. And with Obama now hoping to deflect from all his scandals by going back to using the EPA to destroy the economy in the name of saving Gaia, and healthcare regulation driving businesses to scale back drastically to avoid getting shafted, expect a lot more and far harsher downward revisions.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    In other news, global temperatures UNEXPECTEDLY did not rise over the last 15+ years despite CO2 levels continuing its upward march due to Chinese coal-fired electricity generation facilities.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    Also, everybody that is actually in the US job market knows that the quarterly numbers are BS the instant they see them. You actually have to WANT to believe that Keynesian (Marxist) economic activities work as intended in order to be surprised when they never, not once, ever, have produced the desired result.

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