What’s the definition of insanity again?

If I recall it correctly, it’s the idiotic notion that if you try the exact same stupid shit over and over, the results suddenly will be different. Case in point liberalism, where the collectivists constantly tell us that whatever tyrannical and idiotic oppressive system their ideology always ends up producing didn’t fail because their ideology is FUBAR, but because the right people were not in charge or someone else – usually the evil capitalists that do not want to go along with the bullshit – interferes. Don’t believe me that liberalism is a mental disorder? You must not have been paying attention to collectivist bastions like France, where taxes for some big earners end up topping 100% of their income.

But we do not need to go too far from home to see another display of the insane belief you can always keep spending other people’s money to buy votes. Check out California, the land of fruits & nuts, which state auditors, generously, put in the red by $127.2 billion with that number only going up. Here is a taste of why the state that all would agree qualifies as the front runner in American collectivist ideology is going broke at light speed:

A financial report issued by state auditors finds that the state of California is in the red by an unsustainable $127.2 billion.

The report says that the state’s negative status increased that year, largely because it spent $1.7 billion more than it received in revenues and wound up with an accumulated deficit of just under $23 billion in fiscal year 2011-2012, the Sacramento Bee stated.

Gov. Jerry Brown has referred to the deficit and other budget gaps, mostly money owed to schools, as a “wall of debt” totaling more than $30 billion, the Sacramento Bee reported.

About half of the deficit came from the state issuing general obligation bonds and then giving the money to local governments and school districts for public works projects. The report listed California’s long-term obligations at $167.9 billion, nearly half of which ($79.9 billion) were in general obligation bonds, with another $30.8 billion in revenue bonds, the Sacramento Bee reported.

They are spending more than they have, and they are spending it on government make jobs projects that are not just inefficient, but downright idiotic, like the high speed rail. Don’t kid yourself. These projects exist to line the pockets of donkey donors and friends. Like all the green shit they pretend is going to save us and spur economic growth, but always ends in disaster for the tax payers that subsidized these idiotic, inefficient, and outright ludicrous enterprises. Remember Solydra, and there were plenty of other examples. So knowing what we know about the inefficiencies of the “spend other people’s money tribe”, and how badly they have screwed over their state, finding out that they are rewarding themselves with a 5% pay hike, at a time most people are looking for jobs or not getting any raises at all due to the bad economy these class warriors are primarily responsible for, sucks ass. From the article;

SACRAMENTO — A state panel on Wednesday approved a 5% pay raise for Gov. Jerry Brown, legislators and other state elected officials, restoring the salary level they received before it was cut during last year’s budget problems.

The California Citizens Compensation Commission also agreed to increase the state’s contribution to the health benefits of state elected officials by 10%, restoring half of the amount cut in 2009.

The panel’s action boosts the salary of Brown from $165,288 to $173,987 in December, and increases legislators’ pay from $90,520 to $95,291 at the same time. Raises will also be provided to the state attorney general, state treasurer and other constitutional officers.

During the last four years, the commission had cut the pay of 132 elected state officials by 23% in reaction to the recession and its damage to the budget, which resulted in furloughs for rank-and-file state workers.

But commissioners noted Wednesday that the economy has improved, the budget has been balanced with a $1 billion reserve fund, and Brown has offered a 4.5% pay raise phased in over two years to the largest state employee union.

The budget is balanced and there is a surplus? Yeah, in lala-land, maybe. So state workers are again getting perks that the tax payers can’t afford. Enjoy the land of fruits and nuts, and beware its ideological export to the rest of our nation. There is a lesson here, but I suspect that the usual crowd that believes in the tax & spend philosophy will not get it.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    There’s the real books, and then the books you show to everyone you’re trying to con.

    Oddly enough, Keynesian economics state that being so far in the red would have boosted the economy of California so much that they should be just rolling in cash now. Perhaps they need to stop companies from fleeing to Texas by shooting the CEO of any company that tries to leave. Murdering dissenters is just part of the routine for the left, so this shouldn’t be subject to any objections.

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