Brave new world, huh?

Stupid shit like this is why I hope life fucks over these kids as hard as possible. Seriously, can you be more brain dead than these morons when you find out that they engage in this:

Students at George Mason University (GMU) signed a petition early this month asking President Obama to listen in on the “private conversations” of all Fox News employees and their families. The petition, which was circulated on GMU’s flagship campus in Fairfax, Va, near Washington D.C., by Media Research Center video reporter Dan Joseph, described the right-leaning news channel as “a threat to media integrity and an informed populace.” “We want the to be able to legally read their private e-mails and listen in on phone conversations between Fox News employees and their associates and their families,” Joseph explained to students, asking for their support. Reactions were mixed. While a handful of students appealed to a “the First Amendment” and the right to privacy, several described their “hate” for the news channel. “Can you give me some time to think about this?,” asked one student before eventually providing his signature.

Yeah, the problem is any media entity that isn’t completely in the bag of the most despicable, corrupt, and tyrannical left leaning government to fuck over the American people, and not the fact said government and its influence, especially in the very types of institutions these moronic kids are paying huge dollars to for the liberal brain washing that passes for education, has eroded our freedoms to the point other authoritarian nations are lecturing us on the issue or pining for the ability to do the same. I am surprised some of these brain dead leftards didn’t come clean that what they really would prefer wasn’t just the monitoring of the evil Fox News employees communications, as if they were serfs of the Soviet state, but that our government should take these traitors to the left’s cause to reeducation camps or outright shoot them dead for not serving the collective’s agenda.

These idiot kids are the products of what the left believes and stands for. No argument about that. They get these notions form reading about how the left has handled any dissent through the sordid history of collectivism. And yet, we are told that the problem isn’t with their embrace of the very terror tactics loved by leftist dictatorial entities, from the good old communists to their fellow traveling fascists the left so likes to pretend are right wing, but with those that see what the left ultimately is about and want nothing to do with them or their evil ways. But it gets better.

Another student expressed frustration that such a surveillance program would likely conflict with constitutional law. “It’s virtually impossible but its a good cause,” she said. “I like your cause.” In all, eleven GMU students signed the petition in about 45 minutes, according to Joseph.

My guess is the constitutional scholar quoted got her knowledge of the constitution the same place our illustrious community organizer in chief got his. “Good causes” should always override stupid old laws created by slave owning honkeys over 200 years ago, anyway. And I have to admit I am surprised that only 11 kids were willing to break with their apathy and actually come clean about how much they admire the brave new world we live in. The lot of them must have been distracted by some other idiotic cause or event, I guess. Bet you if someone asked any of these 11 geniuses polled if it was OK for the other side to do what they encouraged Team Blue to do, that they would then find the whole thing despicable, unconstitutional, and worthy of an international tribunal followed by a summary execution of all the perps involved.

Go ahead and dismiss this as an outlier or inconsequential if you must. Tell me how these kids are just not the final product of what the left really believes in and has labored for over 5 decades to accomplish. Then point out that it was only 11 kids that they got to respond to this insane proposal., so this is much ado about nothing. Heck, accuse me of conspiracy theorizing and being paranoid: kind of like when I was pointing out that this administration had a pattern of systemic and systematic abuses of power and an agenda so despicable it boggles the mind going on, right before we had the deluge of scandals revealed to us all. I am sure our lefty trolls, the ones that admit they are lefties as well as the ones that pretend to be something else, will just pooh-pooh the whole thing as inconsequential, but that’s all they are left with. Point out that you get less hate and evil from a gathering of KKK members these days, and I am sure they will find a way to turn it on you for daring to expose them for what they are. I can already hear the “Booosh!!!1!elevnty!!!” cries to divert attention. Rights for me, but none for thee, indeed.

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  1. Dave D

    I would LOVE to set up a spoof table for signatures on a similar issue at any major college. The responses would be gold and very TV-worthy. Of course, the MOST fun would come from the responses when the signee is confronted with “well, should this be legal if a Republican is in power and wants to do this to MSNBC?”

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  2. Biggie G

    I bet they also signed the petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide.

    I can’t believe that anyone falls for that anymore. That is the oldest, hackiest April Fools’ Day prank in existence. I think a TV station caused a panic this year trying that one and had to apologize because a state senator or something got fooled and thought the water was polluted.

    Anyway, my favorite was when the Man Show circulated a petition to end women’s suffrage.

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  3. AlexInCT *

    I bet they also signed the petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide.

    I wish I could laugh at this Hal, but my kid played this prank at school with his buddies, and they got almost 100 kids, some of them the cream of the crop, to sign up for this nonsense. They would have gotten more but someone that was not part of the joke actually pointed out to the idiots signing it how stupid they were. It pissed off some of the teachers that had been running a bunch of other “Ban the whatever they didn’t like that day” petitions. One of the idiot teachers, a radical patchouli smelling hippy chick that long ago turned rancid, went so far as to demand the kids involved get punished. That lasted until I found out she was demanding a sacrifice of those that had exposed the idiocy of these types, and I got involved. Shut that crazy bish down right then and there by making sure she understood I would sue the damned school if they did anything. Sheesh.

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  4. John Binder

    Too many people are willing to do bad things in the name of the greater good without realizing that a world where people do things like that isn’t a very good place to live.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    Who here really expects us to recover from this cultural nosedive?

    I don’t believe the ballot box nor a bloodless coup will be enough to save U.S. Hell there’s not even enough ‘rope and lampposts’ to make a difference anymore.

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