Stupid hypocritical apologist makes a fool of the left.

The Team Blue members are all up in arms that some libertarian dude had the temerity to expose the level of government spying going on by the most ethical administration ever to grace this great nation. Desperate to justify what amounts pretty much to an enormous breach of the 4th amendment and a totalitarian act that would make the tyrants in Orwell’s 1984 proud, they have all but admitted that the only time they would have problems with any program that violated our rights is when it is done by the other party. Shit, we even have donkey polls like Hoyer pretending that the abuse under Obama is not such a bad thing. Hey dickwad, at least Boosh’s morons only looked at conversations outside the US between suspected terrorists and terror enablers, and they didn’t blanket all 300 million Americans as the NSA is doing now under Obama.

I get it that idiots like you would like us all to think that since Obama is now in charge – did you know the dude has a peace prize, has stopped the rising of the oceans, and has all but done away with the GWoT too – that systemic and systematic collection of information on all citizens is not a big deal, especially since he isn’t evil BushChimpyMcHitler ™. But who are you fucking assholes trying to kid? All we have to do is ask you to tell us how you would feel if Boosh was doing this exact same thing. Your side, rightly so, almost had a heart attack and demanded all sorts of checks & balances when Boosh’s people were looking just at terrorists, but now you feel collecting information on all citizens is no big deal, and in fact, a great weapon against the very GWoT your side wants to pretend is already done and over? Did your head just exploded there? Logic, facts, and morals are not things that exist or bug the ideological and political left much. And we have yet another example of that here.

You can not make the shit going on up anymore. Oh how far has this once great nation fallen. Nixon got jibbed considering the real abuses that these bastards are getting away with.

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  1. Section8

    Good post Alex, and that is the big thing here. We hear well Bush didn’t have warrants, but according to the Bush administration, they were only tracking suspected terrorists. Now, if you don’t want to trust that (you being anyone) I could understand, but this is no better and actually worse. Rulings made in secrecy by judges to allow spying on anyone, even though it’s supposedly not beyond phone records and such (if you want to believe that), is bad enough. If I make a call to a buddy foreign or domestic, I’m now suspect and can be traced? The guy on the other end is a suspect because they don’t live here? Fuck you I say. To anyone foreign, don’t call, just cross the border and you not only will no longer be as much of a suspect, but can get free goodies too. As far as domestic, don’t be fooled for a bit that they aren’t monitoring. Remember this administration has made it clear several times that the real threat of terrorism is domestic. That’s on record.

    And to top it off we have people like Bonner on the GOP side saying this is a-ok. Well fuck him too. Sick of them all. These are the assholes we used to send people off to die fighting against.

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