A real national security leak by Team Blue senior administration members

Remember Plamegate? We recently had a rehash of that faux national security in the comment section for this post, when the usual people again tried to excuse all the illegal behavior coming to light in an attempt to excuse the WH, through the usual “Boosh!!!!!1!!eleventy!!!” distractionary mating call. When challenged to produce a scandal on par with Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservative groups before an election to prevent handicap the other side’s political machine, Fast & Furious, the investigation of members of the press both at the AP and at Fox News, and several other abuses of power, they immediately produced the Plame non-story as something on par with the abuses now coming to light.

I do not feel like rehashing idiotic argument, so I am gonna be brief. Plame was a desk jockey at Langley, and not an undercover agent of any kind. Plame and her husband had already outed her affiliation with the CIA, and on so many occasions that one had to firmly have one’s head planted up one’s ass to pretend otherwise. The left, suddenly became all concerned with national security –a subject they practically never are bothered by whenever real lives are at stake, as the easy to catalogue behavior by the left, which did everything in its power to try and make our military lose be it the Cold War in the Reagan days or in Iraq, will clearly show – when they saw a chance to fuck over the guy that had prevented Al Gore from stealing the 2000 election.

The short of this story is that within a week of starting his investigation, the special prosecutor assigned to investigate the faux crisis confirmed that if there had been a leak, it was made by a donkey operative: Richard Armitage. He then spends over a year chasing windmills so he can nail some low level guy for not remembering details under the charge of perjury, something that never seems to stick to the lying sacks of shit on Team Blue that are pathological liars. The Plame affair was a big waste of time, money, and a lot of smoke & mirrors. There was nothing there, despite what the fucking retards want to pretend.

Well, now we have a real breach of national security, as we find out that Uncle Leon leaked classified information to Hollywood so they could make a movie to make Obama look like John Wayne before the 2012 election. I am sure you didn’t miss all the dancing on bin Laden’s grave that went on at the DNC convention, and then just 2 weeks before this administration blamed a fucking YouTube flick for an act of war in Benghazi that killed our Ambassador, which is one of the many scandals being covered up. That’s SOP for these scumbags. Panetta’s leak was not about any faux agents riding desks either, but exposed members of NAVSPECWARDEVGRU, compromising their lives and operational capabilities. I am sure, as the people trying to provide cover for this WH in this Politico article put it, that the WH’s bullshit claims their senior members never leak classified information – because they care! – are now going to be hard to buy. You don’t get much more senior than the head of the CIA, and you definitely, don’t get more of a national security risk than telling fucking Hollywood America haters information about the military.

Of course, I am sure I will be told Plamegate was far more serious, and that this isn’t a big deal. I am certain there will be no investigation. Team Red, doesn’t have the killer instinct or the lack of any morals like Team Blue does, so this will go nowhere.

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  1. Hal_10000

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  2. AlexInCT *

    As I said in the other thread, this is complete horseshit. Stop embarrassing yourself. Plame worked for a CIA front company and much of what she did is still classified.

    Your claim is horseshit, Hal. Valerie Plame’s cover – and be aware that EVERYONE that gets recruited by the CIA starts off with a cover, so she was no exception – had been blown long before the leak by Armitage, and it was done by her and her own husband:

    RUSTMANN: Well, I don’t know that everybody knew. I do know that her cover began to erode the moment she started dating Joe Wilson. The thing that I said was that, you know, when you walk like a duck, and quack like a duck, and look like a duck, you’re probably a duck.

    And at the point in time that this all broke, Valerie Plame had been working at headquarters for a long time, several years. She went to work every day to headquarters. She was married to a high-profile former ambassador. She had a couple of kids, she was living around the beltway.

    Plame was a fucking desk jockey. Thats because between her actions/choices and her husbands big ass mouth whatever cover status she might have had was long blown. More details:

    HANNITY: That would be what I would understand. And you even said in this article — you said that she made no bones about the fact she was an agency employee. Her neighbors knew this, her friends knew this, his friends knew this. This is the quote that you gave them.

    I want to ask you a two-part question. Number one, did she ever give you any overt political leanings, number one? And why would she be urging others at the agency, for example, to send her husband, who was clearly opposed to the war that the president was engaged in, to Niger if there wasn’t some political motivation?

    Once everyone knows you work for the CIA there is no more cover. Period. You can not function with cover status when your cover is blown.

    You can believe the bullshit the LSM parroted so the left could pretend there was a cover there to be blown, but spare me and anyone not as fucking BDS inflamed as you are the nonsense, please. Plame had no cover to blow. The whole Plame affair smacks of a lame attempt at anger by a 18 year old that knew Santa Claus was not real for the better part of a decade, because he thought this would get him some more presents. it is ludicrous.

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  3. AlexInCT *

    It also didn’t really help that her top-secret covert agent code name was “Valerie Plame”…

    The funny thing to me is that we are discussing Plame when Panetta really did release information with national security implications, all so people that pretend to care about national security can score cheap political points, and yet, the same people trying to pretend the whole Plame affair wasn’t a comedic tragedy based on a fable, can’t even be bothered to do anything but yawn.

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  4. Hal_10000

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  5. Hal_10000

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  6. Section8

    Hal can you also clarify the Bush plot to get even? Who spilled the beans? Where are the dots to connect this conspiracy? Just curious. From all accounts I’ve read is that her identity was leaked accidentally by Armitage, and Novak got her actual name out of a book. Then Novak brought it up to Rove where he stated he already knew Plame was CIA and Rove confirmed. Is this not true? What else am I missing? I may very well not know all the details as I didn’t follow it play by play. Since this seems to be something that upsets you quite a bit when it’s brought up, maybe you could clarify. Like last thread I’m guessing I won’t hear back, but I’ll give it another shot.

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  7. Hal_10000

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  8. Mississippi Yankee

    Hal, who do you want to play you in the ‘next’ movie?

    Will there be armor, shiny and bright? Will the horsey be white? Or would that be racist?

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  9. Mississippi Yankee

    And if I were ever a knight, I’d be Don Quixote.

    With your opinion(s) on the wane might I suggest a different character, or his steed horse-like yet….

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  10. Argive

    The thing I never understood about the Plame scandal is why people became so locked into defending the President.

    It just seemed like tribal politics to me.

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  11. Section8

    S8, I don’t think there was a conspiracy (I quoted that part of the Kristoff article for that reason). I think it was carelessness. I don’t think they were sitting around, saying, “Mu-haha” and rubbing their hands together. My default in situations like this is to assume incompetence rather than malice.

    Ok fair enough. I do agree that even though it was likely an accident, it’s not good for anyone’s cover to get blown and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I just though maybe your were part of the “they got away with it.” crowd. Although, the more shit I’ve seen lately like the Verizon business, I’m losing my sympathy if any of these fucks are outed and put in danger.

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