Things that should make you go hmmmmm…

At this time, when the WH and the left are riddled with scandals that show their disdain for democracy and their love for the every abuse of power they always pretend is done by the other side – at least it should now be obvious why the left always seems to feel the other side will abuse power, and that’s because they are just projecting based on what they will do – we should pay attention to what they are trying to do. They are all coming together to control the narrative. The new mantra is that their shining star, the guy they tell us is always involved and knows everything when it is convenient for that to be the narrative, suddenly knew nothing about the massive abuses of power by government and the despicable politicization of a terrorist attack bungled by people determined to win an election at all costs.

If we are to buy the nonsense that Obama only know about what was going on when it is convenient for his image, and always is in the dark when it is not, with Obamacare heading for disaster, how long will it be before we get told that Obama didn’t know about that either? The rats are all abandoning the sinking ship in droves, and we see how bureaucrats at the IRS feel compelled to use the power of government to go after the nanny state’s political enemies, so what should make anyone not logically conclude that the bureaucrats running Obamacare will abuse the power of life & death even more? Lois Lerner, one of the key players in charge of implementing Obamacare, was the one that was supervising and directing the IRS when they decided to start targeting the Nanny State’s enemies. It is not an accident that now that she has been called to testify, she plans to plead the fifth.

Seriously, anyone that believes that government will do a better job than the evil and greedy people in the private sector, is not just stupid: they are insane. No entity can do more evil and cause more harm than government, and we are just getting a little taste of how much worse it will be when these progressives get their way and have government control everything that is important. The revelations of the massive abuses of power we are seeing now are not an aberration: they are part and parcel of what the Nanny Stater progressive movement believes about. It is the way they operate. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it is otherwise. The abuses of the USSR, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Cuba, North Korea, and so on are not the progressive movement’s dream gone wrong: they are what the progressive movement’s dream will ALWAYS end up as. That’s because it is the very nature of the beast.

The only government that won’t screw over the people is one that is so limited in its power that the opportunities for graft and abuse are all but nonexistent. Ours is a massive monster that controls all access to who wins and who loses on purpose. Think hard about that. Especially now that they are about to get full control over our medical – life & death – decision making capabilities. They may retend they do this to help, but they are going to weiled the power like a hammer and “We the people” will be the nail they will be hammering down with it.

Of course, and let me preempt the usual suspects: “BOOOSH!!!1!!eleventy!!” Fuck, by now even the most idiotic leftist turd should see that the abuses of power by Team Blue make Boosh look like mother Theresa. Karma is a bitch, though. After all that hard work to make a mediocre president look like a real bad one, their guy comes along and makes the mediocre guy look like a fucking knight in shining armor. Eat crow you leftards. Pass the popcorn. This freak show is about to get really fun to watch.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    If you want to find out who is a “progressive”, just mention that “progressive = communist” and see who gets really pissed off with the comparison.

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