That’s because of your f-ing bias and need to feed the narrative, fools!

First the LSM couldn’t be bothered with what was clearly a a top level orchestrated government cover-up and did their best to ignore the story. There was an election to help their guy win after all. Then, after they failed at narrative control, they now admit there is a scandal here. Now, not everyone is on board with admitting the truth, and you have the usual hard core shills, like Dowd at the NYT still trying her best to cover up for Billary and Obummer. We even have people wondering if the recent revelations that the IRS blatantly and purposefully abused its power when it specifically targeted enemies of the Obama administration might not be an attempt to deflect from the Benghazi disaster. Considering how this IRS story is going to result in one heck of a black eye for Team Blue if, as it should be, congress nails the lot of these crooks at the IRS for this criminal activity, and the fact that even if the LSM tries to cover for Team Blue, it is going to result in massive damage, I highly doubt they let this out to distract from Benghazi, but we are talking about a bunch of morons that actually believe the media fueled hype they are the smart ones. If anything, the bungles of the last 5 years should disprove the ridiculous idea that these elite collectivist scumbags are anything but barely functional idiots with delusions of grandeur. They aren’t even bright enough to realize that such revelations cast aspersions on other such obviously illegal leftist activities.

But back to the gist of my post, and that’s the fact that the LSM suddenly finds itself in deep doo-doo and as CBS anchor Scott Pelley admits, they are getting all the stories wrong, and badly wrong. There will be a ton of handwringing. But they will never come to the right conclusion about why things have gone so wrong, because that would require they admit that they are partisan hacks for which the narrative and liberal agenda are more important than the facts and truth. The need to push liberal agenda items such as the blaming of any opposition to liberal stupidity and the demonization of those that point out Team Blue’s incompetence on the usual tactics – racism, sexism, the intolerance of the religious, or the disdain for liberal pillars such as multiculturalism and the tax & spend agenda – trumps all truth or facts. The idiots that now comprise the vast majority of the members of the what passes today for the journalistic community no longer is about reporting the truth and the facts, but about changing the world. They are so driven by the liberal nonsense that passes for education these days and their need to make a difference that they can’t even see they are nothing but propaganda pushers for thee donkey party.

Prepare yourself for a lot of handwringing and feigned concern. Then watch these morons revert to form and again pretend Team Blue can do no wrong while the other side is basically a front for what passes for Satan amongst the left’s elite. In the mean time the LSM will keep getting all the stories that hurt Team Blue or would help Team Red wrong.

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  1. Mook

    All IRS personnel involved with this need to face jail time. It would be a victory for Obama and his cronies if they only fired a couple of low level staffers with no criminal convictions. Their mission of intimidation with relative impunity would be accomplished. Not only did those fuckers target conservative groups for harassment, they purposely leaked the private financial details of those groups to a leftwing political group (Pro Publica) in the hopes that they would use that sensitive info to smear the conservative groups.

    The scope and scale of these abuses is unprecedented. Nixon’s abuse of the IRS was limited to specific political enemies whereas the IRS abuses since Obama took office are much more widespread, targeting conservative organizations en masse. It would have been as if Nixon had targeted chapters of Young Democrats. The IRS was asking each of these groups about their family members demanding to know if any of them are/were planning to run for office.. under penalty of perjury.

    In Houston, a leader of the King Street Patriots was interviewed on the radio yesterday. She said that not only was her group persecuted by the IRS, she and her husband had their personal tax returns audited twice. Furthermore, she claims that OSHA and the EPA suddenly began to harass them as well. Not just IRS, but the EPA and OSHA.

    Again, the abuses under Obama make Nixon look like an amateur in comparison. Obama, of course, is lying his ass off about it.. yesterday he claimed that he “first heard” about it in the media. Does anyone believe that?

    Hal, can you bring yourself to admit that Obama is not a decent, honest man, but a lying scumbag? And therefore possibly, if not likely “evil”? He’s certainly not a good man, is he?

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