Hey Mr DJ: Bassist Desires Edition

Is it indeed true that the bassist only tries to look like he’s working as hard as the rest of the band? I don’t think so.

In fact, much of the music I enjoy the most has a notably strong bassline to it. I love the low tones, for some reason. To me, the bass guitar is a wondrous instrument.

This topic came to me a couple of weeks ago when Chi Cheng, the bass player from the Deftones, finally died years after being rendered comatose by a car accident. He was one of the greatest. I was going to play this list last week in his honor but, you know…

We should show some overdue respect to the bass-masters with:

1. Highlights of the most notable bass players

2. Songs made memorable by their awesome bass lines. Bass guitars are not the only acceptable instrument here. This may include music with a double bass or even hip hop or dubstep with a good bass rendered electronically.

3. Deftones. That is all.

Free Bass Bonus: Songs with bass solos.

This isn’t really a death thread, so you get your dedications.

First up is a tribute.

I’m pulling every song on this dedication list from what’s currently loaded on my smartphone. Such is how I love that sound that there is so much for the #2’s. I expect this to be the most cool groove-sounding playlist yet.

pfluffy: Psychotic Girl by The Black Keys (I’m sure I’ve probably done this one before two or three times, but I REALLY like it.)

Santino: Go by Pearl Jam

CM: Holland by The Black Angels

Mississippi Yankee: Have They Forgotten by The Living End (Only song here that uses an actual double bass, I believe)

InsipiD: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson (best song he ever did, IMO)

WVR: Crosseyed and Painless by Talking Heads

Biggie G: Too Close by Alex Clare

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  1. Iconoclast

    I know I have already submitted this one in another Mr. DJ thread, but it certainly applies here. I takes a hell of a lot of coordination to play that bass line while singing a completely different melody.

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  2. Iconoclast

    Sorry abut the prolonged absence, but, truth to tell, with some of the recent categories, I simply had nuthin’. On the flip side of that, just about any Rush song works in this category. Geddy is simply phenomenal.

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  3. Iconoclast

    Some truly classic rock from the early 1970’s, when I was even more of a pup than I am now…

    Featuring Chris Squire on bass and Rick Wakeman on keyboards.

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  4. Aussiesmurf

    Pretty much anything by Iron Maiden written by Steve Harris, but particularly :

    Hallowed By Thy Name
    Run To The Hills
    Afraid to shoot Strangers

    Another One Bite the Dust – Queen

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  5. Thrill *

    Geez. You guys obviously hated this week’s theme, I see.

    Playlist is updated, I also added videos for Aussiesmurf to it.

    Let me catch my breath and get the next round going.

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  6. Iconoclast

    Well, since it is revived…

    Heard this song coming from someone’s car radio/cd player/8-track deck the other day during afternoon rush hour, and remembered it as the only Fleetwood Mac tune I can actually listen to without wanting to shove pencils into my eyes. Haunting melody, Stevie Nicks (!) and a decently interesting bass riff toward the end.

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