About damned time…

That we did this:

April 10, 2013: For the first time in 69 years, there are no American tanks in Europe. On March 18th the United States shipped home 22 M-1 tanks, bringing to an end seven decades of American armor in Europe.

I am hoping that all the free money we where injecting in the European economy as they avoided any defense spending came home with those Abhrams tanks.

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  1. Dave D

    Not sure about Europe, as their hardware outnumbered ours during the Cold War, but Canada has bascially had to spend only token amounts on their defence due to proximity to us, all the while expanding their socialist state and taxing the hell out of their people while they get cheap drugs researched and manufactured in the US. It pays to be the toady to the 900lb gorilla on the block, I guess? When Canadians brag about their “superior” system, I give them an earful of the above.

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  2. Rick Macherat

    My father was sent to Germany, and we followed in 1952. Sixty-one years ago! And they finally think The Gap Attack is unlikely enough to pull out the tanks. Whew. Now, what about the rest of the Americans stationed there? Ridiculous, and costing a fortune. Rick (Member #1)

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