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  1. Dave D

    What an idiot! I can’t even start to rationalize how she managed to get through at least SOME years of communism in eastern Europe and not realize that collective thinking DESTROYS children and families.

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    There may actually be a thought trying to work its way out of that liberalism-besotted brain. She might be trying to say something along the lines of: “even people who don’t have children need to care about the future of all children” or somesuch. But that not ridiculous thought went through a liberal brain and couldn’t escape with an anti-property lodestone attached.

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  3. Ed Kline

    I still can’t get past her first sentence :

    We have never invested as much in public education as we should have…

    Hell, we invest more per student than any other country, but apparently the problem is a lack of funding?!

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  4. Hal_10000 *

    That, Ed, and her statement that the only reason we don’t invest enough in education is because we’re too selfish and don’t care enough about everybody else’s kids.

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  5. Seattle Outcast

    70’s era hippie Marxism – I thought that particular line of “all your kids are belong to us” pretty much died off with “it takes a village”, though you can still find the occasional moron that thinks that line of thought wasn’t rejected by nearly everybody as soon as it was uttered.

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  6. Seattle Outcast

    I wonder how much of the crap this woman spews forth (and I’ve seen her say similar BS previously) she truly believes, and how much of she’d shed like an old skin the moment the chips were down and it was her ass on the line instead of her paycheck for continued Marxist studies?

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