Cyprus was just the beginning..

There have been a lot of rumors about the disastrous EU money grab in Cyprus that I have heard, including a story where most of the really rich Russians that had money there were able to take all their cash out which will result in a serious shortfall of cash for the looters, so the Cypriots could avoid the collapse of their banking industry. I have no empathy for these morons. Anyone stupid enough to loan money to Greece, or for that matter any of these leftard collectivist nanny state shitholes in the Western world, deserves the pain that comes from taking that risk. These governments will have to learn to live within their means, regardless of whatever extreme and stupendously stupid and desperate measures they implement to keep the lavish vote buying social spending going on for, and the sooner that happens the better. We are running out of other people’s money, and the collectivist model cannot survive without that. The Germans have become tired of being the “Other people” in the European equation, and while they thought they had pulled a clever maneuver to get their hands on all that money the Russians had managed to hide in what they believed where more friendly financial institutions, there is no happy ending, of any kind, that I see coming out of this disaster.

Anyhoo, we were told that the Cypriot confiscation was a desperate measure, one that would remain unique to this particular situation, and that everyone worried about the slippery slope and the collectivist confiscation machine deciding they had the authority and moral obligation & right to confiscate more money under the guise of doing good, was just being paranoid. The nanny state lovers basically told us it couldn’t ever happen again, even as we saw them wringing their hands in joy at the prospect of what could follow if they got away with this criminal maneuver. And they did not disappoint, as mere weeks, not even years or months, after they shafted the people with savings in Cypriot banks, they are admitting they plan to do the same to other members of the PIIGS. An “I told you so” right now feels tired and sad, but it needs to be said. And it will not end here. The oligarchy running the EU will do anything and everything to make sure their gravy trains goes on for as long as possible, even if what they do will make the eventual crash more damaging and disastrous. Fanatics, whether it is because they are true believers in the collectivist nanny state bullshit or just plain old fashioned profiteers looking after their own interests, don’t like to admit they are wrong, even in the face of catastrophe, and that’s what we have here.

I expect lots of these ”Banking Crisis” situations to pop up, and that the EU leadership will “aggressively” act to solve them, taking any and all private moneys they can get their hands on. They need more of that “Other people’s money” to keep the comatose patient on life support, and they will be damned if they admit the right thing to do is pull the plug and let the poor soul go to its rest already. Feudalism is on its way back. We will have the masters living large and making all the decisions, eventually the illusion that people voting to elect leaders that represent them will no longer sell, and these charlatans and crooks will do away with that pretense, while the rest will toil and give up everything they produce. It is always how this stuff ends. The age of “free shit” is coming to an end, and it will do so with a huge crash and in a massive burning fire. The people in charge have a vested interest in pretending otherwise, but the clues are there. There is a reason our political class seems totally unperturbed about tacking more than a trillion a year in new debt to the already insane amount we owe: they know that the end is near, and figure they might as well go out with a bang.

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  1. Thrill

    The age of “free shit” is coming to an end, and it will do so with a huge crash and in a massive burning fire

    This is what I strongly believe and am afraid of. For some reason, this quote is what comes to mind:

    …the fall of Rome is a melancholy fate, but careful readings in history show us that we happen to be the people Rome fell to.

    -PJ O’Rourke

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  2. AlexInCT *

    If Bruno Waterfield of the UK Telegraph can be believed Cyprus was NOT a one of a kind maneuver.

    Oh MY, I never for a second believe the bullshit about how this was going to be a one time thing or that they where reluctant to do this but needed to do it to prevent a much greater catastrophe. It’s the whole team Obama’s “Don’t let a crisis go to waste” methodology at work here. These fuckers have wanted an excuse to justify them doing this kind of private savings raiding for decades, and they are happy as can be they finally found a way to do it. Once they got the masses to swallow the bitter pill, it would allow them to make it the daily fare.

    Remember, these elitist scumbags all believe the sheep are too stupid to be left to their own devices, especially with big decisions and money, and feel they should control who gets what, in the name of fairness, social justice, and what not, but primarily to make sure they can maintain the status quo that leaves them on top and the serfs in their place. Their end game is to make sure that when the end comes they end on top, and they guarantee that by making sure everyone else depends on them to be on top to “save” the masses.

    We are fooked.

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    We are fooked.

    Oh I agree with Mr. Waterfield and you completely. My comment was directed to the “It can’t happen here…again” crowd.

    As those evil Boy Scouts say: Be Prepared!

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