This is what donkey fiscal discipline looks like: part deux

Oh, I am sure they will pretend it was done because they care about the little people and want to stop those evil rethuglicans from hurting them, but the fact is that the real issue here is that they do not have any intention ever of being fiscally responsible and living within their means, so the Senate democrats yet again vote a budget that would force them to be fiscally responsible down. From the article we have the following:

The Republican-controlled House passed a tea party-flavored budget plan Thursday that promises sharp cuts in safety-net programs for the poor and a clampdown on domestic agencies, in sharp contrast to less austere plans favored by President Obama and his Democratic allies.

The Senate, however, easily defeated the house plan later Thursday night, in a 59-40 vote.

The measure, similar to previous plans offered by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., demonstrates that it’s possible, at least mathematically, to balance the budget within a decade without raising taxes.

But its deep cuts to programs for the poor like Medicaid and food stamps and its promise to abolish so-called “Obamacare” are nonstarters with the president, who won re-election while campaigning against Ryan’s prior budgets. It passed on a mostly party-line 221-207 vote.

The House measure advanced as the Democratic Senate debated its first budget since the 2009 plan that helped Obama pass his health care law.

The dueling House and Senate budget plans are anchored on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum in Washington, appealing to core partisans in the warring parties that are gridlocked over persistent budget deficits. Obama is exploring the chances of forging a middle path that blends new taxes and modest curbs to government benefit programs.

Seriously, I do not think Paul Ryan’s budget is that great to begin with, because it still spends too much and cuts government overspending too slow if at all, but at least it is trying to head in the right direction. The vote might be political, as the article claims, but the reality is that democrats won in 2008 by pretending they would be more fiscally responsible than the spending of the Boosh years. Reality has proven otherwise. Once they won, the democrats proceeded to tack on more debt and pissed away more tax payer money, in just 4 years, making the spend happy Boosh years look like our government was thrifty in comparison. And they have no plan of changing their ways. I could do the whole “I told you so’ argument here, but it would be a waste of time.

We are doomed. These people are going to spend us into a banana republic.

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