The Judd Question

Ashley Judd is contemplating a run for the Kentucky Senate. I actually don’t think she has much of a chance, even though McConnell only won by six points last time. Without Bush dragging on him, the Senate Majority Leader should have this in hand. I’ve also never been terribly impressed with Judd as a political figure.

So, let’s try some tricks, shall we?

Democrats hoped to catch attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference cheering the on-screen death of Ashley Judd at a screening of Olympus Has Fallen Friday evening.

But conference organizers told conservatives, a person at the screening said, to leave their politics at the door, and the gotcha devised by supporters of the actress, who is reportedly on the verge of launching a race for the Kentucky Senate seat, fizzled.

Judd, a likely candidate for Senate against Mitch McConnell (R-KY), plays the First Lady in the film. It portrays a North Korean terrorist attack on Washington that results in the president being taken hostage.

You can watch the video at buzzfeed. Nothing happened, most likely because Judd’s movie most likely suuuucks. Why do you think it’s being release in March? That 37 second clip alone looks bad.

Cameras are all over CPAC hoping to catch conservatives in some kind of evil behavior. They struck … well, not gold, but at least some bronze yesterday when some white supremacist idiot defended slavery in a meeting (to the nervous laughter and general disgust of the audience). But this is yet another instance of it not working. You have to wonder how many more liberals and media are out there looking at their iPhones and sadly deleting their pointless footage.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    I just keep thinking… Franken won. So you never know.

    And it only took 4 or five re-counts too.Oh yeah and Christine Gregoire won the governorship in WA too. Now she admits to using Franken’s tactics and is being investigated for voter shenanigans in that state. Plus she’s not running again.

    I’d like to believe that Kentucky has a lot less Somalian voters along with fewer shenanigan makers. But as I said, until Mitch McConnel puts his MOOBS on the silver screen it could go either way.

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