Laws? Laws for thee, not for me.

Looks like the DOJ has finally issued a report about the investigation of wide spread discrimination at the DOJ, and as those of us pointed out 4 years ago, it is damning. The report is some 250 pages long and clearly documents the dysfunctional and racist atmosphere at the DOJ.

One of the things that caught my attention was the mention of threats against African Americans at the DOJ, by their honkey supervisors. See the African Americans where quite willing to investigate all allegations of racism, including those made by white people, while their leftist white masters wanted nothing of the sort. The general conclusion from this investigation is that the DOJ is a hyper partisan liberal cesspool that only felt compelled to investigate those reports that would help them keep alive the narrative that only honkeys can be racists. These career DOJ liberal scumbag even went so far as to share whatever information they had with outside civil rights attorneys so they could better prepare their cases to push the “whitey is a racist” agenda. After all, whitey needs to pay for the bad things some of them did a long time ago.

My guess is that the LSM will ignore this report. Ask Holder if he knew about this stuff and why he let it happen, considering it basically is yet more proof of selective enforcement of the law by the DOJ? Hell no! Someone might link that to the Prince of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The narrative must prevail. If this gets spoken about it will be in the blogosphere and on evil Fox News. In the mean time we get dribs and drabs of news about voter fraud as well. The funny thing is that everyone I have heard about, and there are scores of them, involved people voting more than once for the same guy. Three guesses who, and the first 2 don’t count.

We have not been a nation of laws for more than 4 years now, and it is not by accident.

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