Hey Mr DJ: El Commandante Edition

Farewell to Hugo Chavez. For a supposed adversary of the US, I just couldn’t manage to work up a lot of hatred for the guy. His new wave socialist, anti-American demagogic act coupled with relentless efforts to expand his executive power was about as tiresome as, well, Obama’s. Shit, Chavez was arguably less dangerous to the average American than Barack “Hellfire” Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner who seemed to think that his authority to murder American citizens on US soil was a bit murky.

So out of pity, Chavez gets a thread. Glorify the people’s revolution and the fearless leader with music of:

1. Useful Idiots. Whatever comes to mind when you think of the likes of Sean Penn and Cindy Sheehan (warning: reading this link will make you taste vomit).

2. Ambition and Legends in Their Own Minds. Those who desire much more than their capabilities can manage.

3. Axis of Evil. You’re a narcissistic asshole and all your friends are immoral fucks.

Rand Rant Bonus: Celebrate one man’s speech that stopped missiles with words. A bump in the road to transforming the US into a banana republic, but a win for the Constitution nonetheless. Look for songs with spoken word portions, preferably badass and truthy in nature. Elvis was a great source of these.

pfluffy (“La Dama Oscura”): Icon by Rollins Band (#2)

FPrefect (“El Héroe del Momento”): I Think I’m Wonderful by The Damned (#2)

West Virginia Rebel (“El Enemigo de la Tiranía”): President Dead by Marilyn Manson (#3)

Mississippi Yankee (“El Guapo del Norteno”): Lovefool by The Cardigans (the Full Sheehan #1 treatment)

CM (“El Contradictorio): So Long, Superman by Firewater (#2)

Santino (um, “El Santino”): I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish by The Smiths (#2)

B O N U S Biggie G (“El Malo”): Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies B O N U S

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  1. pfluffy

    Narcissistic assholes with a Latin flair? What about Seth and Ritchie in “Dusk till Dawn”?

    “That’s what I call a fuckin’ show!”

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  2. AlexInCT

    Lol, Alex. I saw the title and just had to hear it now! Back to work!

    Nothing is as appropriate to show the similarties between the relationshiop a tyrant has to the people he oppresses as the relationship between a prison bitch and their man

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  3. stogy

    Thanks Pfluffy. Really liked that. I am still recovering from the Samuel Jackson video you put up a couple of weeks ago.

    Here’s one back at ya:

    The Marching Song of the Covert Battalions from the very useful idiot Billy Bragg


    I saw him live – one of the best gigs I ever went to… after Queen, the Cure… um…. actually there were a lot of gigs I enjoyed more than Billy, but he was really good.

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  4. Mississippi Yankee

    There is a portion of American history from 1890’s until 1942 (excluding WWI) called the Banana Wars.
    It was a time when “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” put out many,many fires in Central America and throughout the Caribbean.

    With that in mind here’s my selection for the Rand Rant

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  5. Mississippi Yankee


    If Selma’s Santanico Pandemonium wasn’t enough the Lyle Lovett song sealed the deal for me.

    Will you be my Friday girlfriend?

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    Thrill, I’ve sung Elvis’ “Are you Lonesome Tonight” with the sole purpose of moistening panties more times then a grown man should ever be proud of. Back ‘in the day’ it was infallible.

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  7. pfluffy

    Hell yes. When in doubt, hit them with Elvis or Dean Martin. It’ll be like a fondue down there.

    Pfft. Dave got me with this one (I am not a big DMB fan):

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