That WaPo article claiming Menedez was being set up? Heh.

It looks like the WaPo got caught editing the article where they made the indubitable claim Menendez was set up to remove that “there is no doubt he is innocent” claim they made. Of course it came after they had already done damage control for Menendez and convinced so many he was clean, and in a way they hope nobody catches on that they are basically shilling for team blue yet again. Here is the gist of it:

Without informing readers in the story or elsewhere, on Monday night The Washington Post deleted its explicit claim that the Dominican prostitute who recanted her allegation against Sen. Robert Menendez had appeared in a video posted to The Daily Caller.

In a story by investigative reporter Carol Leonnig, the Post initially reported at 4:47 p.m. that “the women’s videotaped claims, with their faces obscured, were played on the conservative Web site The Daily Caller. The news site reported that ‘the two women said they met Menendez around Easter at Casa de Campo, an expensive 7,000-acre resort in the Dominican Republic.’”

But by late Monday evening, the paragraph had been changed to read, “the videotaped claims of two women, made with their faces obscured, were posted on the conservative Web site the Daily Caller” — making it ambiguous whether the two women who appeared in TheDC’s video are the same ones Leonnig identified as retracting their allegations against Menendez.

Look, I would be totally surprised to find out that Menedez didn’t do this The Dominican Republic is a well-known destination in Latin America for these sport fucking vacations. They sell packages in Europe for these tours, with the Dominican Republic being the top destination. Politicians are the biggest “guests” to these special resorts. Menendez is a democrat, and he went out of his way to try and cover up this story, with the LSm repeatedly backing him up in his coverup, for a reason. If he had been innocent he would have welcomed any and all investigations into the matter. Nuff said.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Look, I would be totally surprised to find out that Menedez didn’t do this The Dominican Republic is a well-known destination in Latin America for these sport fucking vacations.

    This was the same standard liberals used to claim Rush Limbaugh was a child molester, because he had viagra on a flight to the DR.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Really? If your intention was to insult me you failed, and failed miserably. At least there are witnesses and Menendez’s own other criminal acts to back me up, while in the case of Rush it was all bullshit. Low even for you dude.

    All I have seen from the LSM and everyone else on the left is them providing cover for Menendez, despite the evidence. The media is going with the story from the WaPo that this is a smear without any real attempt to prove they are correct. There was no interest in this story until they could write a fluff piece to give him cover. Then the WaPo changed what they said, after the fact, and without pointing it out, because they know they are lying to help cover for him, but everyone keeps reporting like this is real. I am going to wait and see because like Weiner, eventually someone will find the truth out despite the LSM. The thing is that the WaPo would certainly NOT have bothered to make these changes if Menendez was innocent. This was a CYA act, and they did it because they know Menendez is about to be found out.

    Besides, why would you find it wrong for anyone to assume that since we are dealing with a scumbag liberal, mind you based on evidence that several agents are deserately trying to make people forget about, that he is guilty, Hal? Anyone the left targets has been chased out of office or destroyed for far less, and practically always without any or with manufactured, proof.

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  3. Hal_10000

    To be honest, I’m not sure what to think at this stage. I do think it’s more likely that something will happen with the corruption charges than with the DR hookers.

    Interesting to see if Menendez supports the policy that can get soldiers jailed for visiting legal prostitutes in foreign countries.

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  4. Hal_10000

    Ah, now that clarifies things. The prostitutes the Daily Caller interviewed have not recanted, but the one ABC interviewed has.

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