Is fascism making a comeback?

While the European elite are all happy that someone cock blocked Bunga Bunga Berlusconi, and they playing like Ole Beppo is just a fun thing, I am afraid that things are really much, much worse. Take a look at Beppo Grillo’s English version blog, or better yet, read the Italian version, and you find that the clown actually loves Mussolini, hates the Jews, thinks Iran is a great country, Islam an awesome religion, and that fascism was not all that bad a deal, because hey they tried to fix the problem of the Jews and the trains ran on time

It is not a coincidence that another European election in one of the countries getting hammered by the EU’s collectivist nanny state policies is again flirting with fascism. It happened to the Greeks as well just recently, it looks like it might happen in Spain, and it has even been happening in Germany which is not even one of the PIIGS countries. This is not an accident. The EU, run by the elite that are not accountable to anyone anywhere has been spreading the misery that their new collectivism always brings, has been a disaster. The Euros are all tired of the fraud and failures of their collectivist system, but the problem is that they are so wed to that collectivist shit that they are going to trade soft fascism for the real thing.

Remember that fascism rose in the 20s because of the economic crisis these countries where in. From Greece, to Spain, to Italy, we have economies in shambles and people desperate for things to be fixed. And people in Europe are so desperate for things to be fixed that in countries where things are falling apart they turn to people like Grillo and Golden Dawn, any of which look to be far worse than their current masters. As desperation strikes and people lose their faith in the old guard, they are willing to ignore all the nasty shit that comes along with anyone that is charismatic and promises them change. That’s why even Grillo’s love of Mussolini, his connection to Iran, and his outright scary hatred of Jews was not enough to make these people do a double take. And Grillo is so confident that he can do even better that he has banked his hopes on another election, instead of a compromise government at this time.

The scary thing is that our political class is replete with idiots that love the very same failed European system that led to these elections. The people pulling all the levers of power at this time are so enamored with the way Europe is run that they are trying to turn us into the same. No wonder we are treated to things like this from them. We can rehash the same arguments about how this stuff always goes wrong but the fact is that it can still get far worse than even people like me are able to imagine.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I think the word “dictator” leaves Obama with a foul taste in his mouth – “emperor” is much more grand and suiting to a shithead sock-puppet like himself. I wonder if he’s even aware that he’s yet to have an idea in his head that one of handlers/mentors didn’t have for him first?

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