Hey Mr DJ: Excommunicate and Exterminate Edition

Three significant departures in the past week:

1) My wife’s grandfather died. He was a good, noble man. A veteran of WW2 and a true pillar of his community.

2) The freakin-a-Pope has hung up the big hat. His legacy was a short one, historical only in the nature of his departure. He ruled a grand, but troubled institution. Yet nothing indicated that he was a bad man and he faithfully and humbly served as Pope, knowing all along that his would be a short tenure sandwiched between to far greater ones. I doubt he’ll live much longer too.

3) Ray Cusick, designer of Dr. Who‘s Daleks. Clunky, crazy-ass props–and the most ruthless and effective antagonists in the history of television. I don’t know much about him personally or what not, but I love the Daleks.

So what does the passing of these three men have to do with each other? Nothing that I can think of. Gramps wasn’t Catholic and I don’t think he was a big fan of British sci-fi either. What I do know is that just more decent men have moved on and the world somehow feels emptier or weaker for it.

Gramps was a strong, kind man at a time when younger men are soft and selfish. But he always treated everyone with respect and I never heard him speak a bad word about anyone in the years I knew him. Pope Benedict showed humility in a time when everybody is a fucking big shot and the most infantile and vapid become celebrities to instead retire into obscurity. Mr. Cusick made something that was both new and enduring and died at a time where nothing in the arts is original or especially uplifting.

I’m not looking for songs of mourning, really. I will hear the hymns next week at the funeral. Celebrate their lives instead. What they lived through, what they stood for, and what we’d like to see brought back into style. Bring in the music of:

1. The Strong, the Silent, the Dignified. Veterans and Farmers.

2. The Faithful, the Humble, the Gracious. Clergymen and their Churches.

3. The Creative, the Daring, the Lasting. Artists and Their Works

Skaro Bonus: Music for facing off against the evil, otherworldly empire…or being it.

The Saints are Coming by The Skids

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
by Elton John

Ave Maria by Chris Cornell

This is Why We Fight by The Decemberists

Skaro Selection: 10,000 Years by High on Fire

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Tool, sorry about gramps. Hope his passing was peaceful. If he, as most good men do, liked hot red-heads maybe he’ll run into Bonnie Franklin. She left us yesterday too.

    Your assignments get more challenging by the week. A good thing BTW. This song was my first thought when I read your account of your grandfather-in-law.

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  2. Thrill *

    MY, he did go peacefully, though his health had been deteriorating for months. He was 87. In my opinion, dying peacefully at home at such an advanced age and mourned by a huge cohort of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren is just the height of everything a man can hope for. That being a real legacy.

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    Going full Cohen:

    Leonard and I have been inseparable since 1969. “Hallelujah” fits quite nice here today.

    Your Alison Krauss – Gillian Welch song reminded me of this O Brother dearth.

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  4. pfluffy

    Leonard and I have been inseparable since 1969.

    Common ground can always be found in music :). My BFF is actually the Cohen fan. I am the Cave fan. It is well known that Cave has a serious Cohen influence. BFF and I are going to Nashville in two weeks to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Ryman; I can’t wait. Cohen is coming to Atlanta this month, but decent tics are almost $200ea, so we will likely have to skip that one.

    BTW, I got my mandolin and I am trying to learn. I can squawk out the melody to this one (fits the topic, too!):

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  5. Santino

    Santino! Thanks for reminding me.

    I had you in mind when I chose that song ;)

    BTW, I got my mandolin and I am trying to learn. I can squawk out the melody to this one

    I fully expect a video of you playing the axe in a future DJ Friday!!!!

    Here’s one I forgot.

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  6. CM

    pfluffy I’m a big fan of Aussie cinema and The Proposition is one of my faves……Nick Cave’s soundtrack AND screenplay was just so impressive.

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  7. stogy

    Hi Pfluffy, Hi Thrill, Thanks for this excellent theme this week. Sorry to be so late to the party

    Really love Leonard Cohen – and that was the song of the century. He was so much better after the whisky and abuse forced him to drop an octave. I am both a Nick Cave and a Leonard Cohen fan, so chances are we would all get on just great.

    My wee contribution, on a much lighter note, is…


    “You can do the steps that you want if, you have cleared them with the pontiff..”

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